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    I'm a high school senior and will soon be getting my congressional nomination in order to be an official candidate for the United States Air Force Academy. Here is what I currently have working for me...
    Eagle Scout
    4.2 GPA (Cumulative)
    4 years of Varsity Cross Country
    2 years of Varsity Track
    Great Physical condition
    AP English Classes
    4 years of Latin
    Started my own business at 14 (If that even counts for anything)
    Top 10% in class
    Class Rank- 26 of 350
    Junior Class President
    National Honor Society
    LOTS of community service

    Here's what's NOT working for me...
    ACT-24 (Math-22 English-23 Science-26) I am taking it again soon and hope to raise these
    SAT Math-540 Critical Reading-490
    Second semester I plan on taking Pre-Calc Honors but may be able to switch to Calc if necessary.

    I am hoping that someone can tell me where I stand. Do I have a chance? Is there just no way because of my test scores? Im looking pretty good? Anything really. I would also like to know what i can do to improve my chances (besides raising test scores, I already know that). I would love to hear what anyone who has experience any of the service academies has to say. Thanks for the help.
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    Those scores need improvment

    Others will likely add their thoughts, but my initial impressions are that the test scores are very low. If possible, sign up for the next SAT and ACT tests and take a Kaplan or some prep course (you can sometimes find them for half off....but shop around. At the very least, buy a good SAT prep book with a DVD and work your butt off getting those scores up 100 points or into the upper 20's on the ACT.) Otherwise, yes, you have a very competitive application. You may be looking at prep school if not the Academy.
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    You would look great, except for those test scores.

    I second the advice to do some prep work and take the tests multiple times. The academy weights academics very heavily (60%), and test scores are a big indicator for them. You should be looking for 600+/27+ on all subjects, but math and science especially so.
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    You need to re-take those exams. I don't know if they still publish it on their website, but a few yrs back they stated that a CR SAT of below 490 would not normally be deemed qualified as competitive. It was 24 for the ACT V. In both cases you are on the very low end.

    The avg M SAT is @ 680
    The avg CR SAT if 650.

    Keep re-taking the SAT and ACT. Your packet does not have to be completed until many months from now, so you can still take a couple of more tests. The AFA will superscore so this is a no harm no foul situation.

    Good luck.

    You look like a prime candidate for the prep school. One thing candidates get confused about is the prep school system. This is not a school that for the "you didn't make the cut on the nom list", thus they offer you prep. The prep exists because the AFA believes you will be an ideal candidate, but right now, academically you need a little more time to be competitive at the academy.
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    Yes, there are 3 more SAT exams that you can still take before the 31 Jan 2011 deadline.

    November 6, 2010, December 4, 2010, January 22, 2011.
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    Didn't USAFA release minimum SAT scores this year?

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