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    Hi all
    this is my first post here. I have a few questions and want just a little more of an explanation in general. Fist off I am a senior with 3.7 unweighted GPA and a 4.2 weighted GPA, I have taken 8 AP classes sense sophomore year, as well as pre IB in 9th and 10th grade. Ive been involved in many clubs (leadership positions) and sports (5 varsity letters) and Im planning on majoring in computer science. The only weak part of my whole application is a 27 on the ACT. Anyways Today I checked the application tracker hoping to see some good news but I found,

    Your application met the board and you were not selected for a scholarship. You will be receiving written confirmation via mail within the next few weeks.

    does this mean I am Completely out of the running for the scholarship? I know you can either be rejected, accepted, or deferred, but this sound like the first one. I was expecting that I would at least be deferred sense this is the first board and i have pretty good credentials

    Id like to hear from others who have gone in front of the December board and gotten an answer to find out if this could have been a mix up of some sort, whose gotten good news, and where exactly i should go from here.

    thanks guys
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    There's still time to apply for the Army ROTC scholarship. Deadline is 10 January to start the application. good to have a backup plan.

    On a more serious note, not everyone gets a scholarship. If you are serious about becoming an Officer in the Armed Forces consider the non scholarship route, or find out about alternate routes to partial scholarships (I know the Army has these, and I'm assuming there are some other options for the other branches).
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    I would not jump ship yet, but instead wait until the letter arrives. For all you know in the letter it may state that you will meet the next board.

    The 27 ACT hurts, because they typically look for 30 range.

    Additionally, it might be one of the composites that placed you in the rejection pile. For example you could have a 30 on M, but 24 V to give you a 27 composite. That 24 V, at least for the AFA automatically makes you non-competitive.

    Yes, this is AFROTC, however, remember 99% of AFA candidates will apply for AFROTC as plan B. AFROTC does not place into the equation if the candidate is applying to the AFA also. It is blind in that manner. That means they are scoring you against them too.

    Overall, you look like a strong candidate, you are just weak in the ACT/SAT part. Unfortunately, PAR is where you get the most points, and on top of that the ACT/SAT score is where the most of those points come from.

    I don't know if it is too late to sign up for an ACT or SAT in January, but if you can even do a walk in I would. They superscore these tests, so you can't do any worse than a 27.

    Good luck, and just wait for the letter, you never know you might just be deferred at this moment.
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    Just my two cents but last year our daughter got the same response and we contacted Maxwell. They informed us that yes that was the end of the line and she would not be meeting anymore boards. I hope things have changed but just wanted you to know what we found out last year.
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    my son's message on the portal said that he did not get a scholarship this round but because of his overall score he was deferred to the next board. ds has an LOA to the usafa and a nomination. rotc interviewer told us that ROTC scholarships are in someways more competitive than the academy and that many kids have better luck in the second board because the kids with the 'out of the park' scores have already been offerred scholarships and are not in the pool anymore. hope you get to that second or third board - retake the ACT's if you can -if you have to hire a tutor for some 'cramming' in your weakest section(s). maybe you can get yourself a second look with new information.

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