AFROTC Chances


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Feb 26, 2017
Hi I was wondering what my chances were to receive an AFROTC Scholarship.

SAT 1260/1600
3.81 GPA (has improved to 3.86 after 1st semester senior year)
13 out of 76 (has improved to 7 out of 76 after 1st semester senior year)
11 min 18 sec 1 1/2 mile time
55 push ups
33 sit ups (Gosh)
Captain of the Football team
Command Sargent Major of the JROTC battalion
I would say type 7 is your best chances, BUT it only goes with saying.

AFROTC does not superscore, and 1260 is below the median for a type 7.

AFROTC does not take into account anything your senior year. the 3.81 and 13 out of 76 ranking will be what they use.
~ 13 out of 76 can be bad or it can be good. If 25% go Ivy than it can be good, because you are in that realm. If 0% go, and only 25% go to a 4 yr, than not so much.

Hard to also give odds not knowing if you are going Tech or non-tech

Press on and remember even if you get a scholarship, AFROTC is known here as a 2 +2. If not selected for SFT as a sophomore HQ AFROTC has the right to disenroll you, thus loss of the scholarship for the last 2 yrs. Make sure you talk to the folks too about how you will pay for that dream school if you decide as a freshmen you hate AFROTC, or as a sophomore you are not selected for SFT.
Great reply as always Pima, but when you say "Ivy" do you actually mean very selective schools? The phrase "highly selective" might be more appropriate. The Ivies apply to only eight schools and don't include comparable highly selective schools like Stanford, Chicago, Wash U., MIT, Duke, Cal, UM, the Academies, etc. (some of these non-ivies are more selective than some Ivies, such as MIT and Stanford) - but if a high school had 25% going to these 4 yr schools but no Ivies, it would be darn impressive - I can't see a board penalizing a school in this case.
Also, I know you've mentioned that you heard differently, but saying that AFROTC looks at % going to an Ivy can send up a false alarm to applicants. Not all school profiles break out the % of grads attending Ivies (e.g., my kids' profiles don't and they both received AFROTC and NROTC scholarships). So, if an applicant reading this finds out from his or her counselor that their school doesn't provide this %, it might lead the student into over worrying. The profiles I've heard of or seen only include the schools their graduates have been accepted into, but not percentages - maybe an ROTC guy on the board who has seen school profiles can chime in on this.
Also, logically that breakout doesn't make sense. For one, that would be shortsighted by the AF because breaking schools into just Ivy and 4yr will sell some very good high schools schools short (for the reason mentioned above). Also, it is biased against poorer schools who's kids can't afford an Ivy tuition.