AFROTC - Does having a child affect your chances getting a pilot slot for the Air Force?


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Jun 24, 2017
I'm joining the AFROTC this fall in college and my goal is to become a pilot. I made some bad decisions in the past and have a daughter as a result. (not saying she's a bad thing) I don't have primary custody of her, but I do occasionally have her on weekends. Does she affect my chances of getting a pilot slot/ joining? Just wanted to see if I could get some info without having to drive up the the college to talk to the ROTC dept.
AFROTC cadets are allowed to have dependents, unlike USAFA. They will request a plan from you.
~ IE you state you have her occasionally on weekends, but is it mandated every other weekend? Well when you go to SFT/LEAD they will want to know who is going to take care of her when you are there.

As for UPT that has nothing to do with chances. However, here is what you need to realize. There are only certain UPT bases. I don't know where you are from, but Del Rio, aka Laughlin AFB aka He!! Rio is in the middle of nowhere. 2 1/2 hrs from San Antonio. As a student you can't say, hey I am suppose to have my DD for 2 weeks in the summer due to my custody arrangement and can you give me off leave? Nor can you sit there as a student and say, OBTW I am sorry I can't do my checkride on Friday at 1:00 because that means I won't finish my debrief until 4 and I have to pick her up at the San Antonio airport at 5, which means the latest I can do that ride is 9 a.m. for me to get there.
~ Many students at UPT are married and have children, however you are in a unique situation. I would be very honest with her mother and tell her if you do get UPT, the chances are you will not see her very often. My DS flew home 3x while he was at UPT. Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. UPT is 54 weeks. After that you go through SERE, Water Survival, Airframe school house (can be 6-9 months) and if you get fighters IFF. In essence it is about 2 years of training where you can't just say I am taking leave this week.

Hope that helps