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    I'm going to be a freshman this fall on an AFROTC scholarship. Just wondering about the PFA/PFT (which is it called?). I'm not a runner, but have been doing 3 days a week since late May to prepare for AF fitness. I'm not worried about pushups and situps. I have 2 questions: 1) What is the usual range of 1.5mi run times for GIRLS? Is 13min bad? 2) When is the PFT administered? I know it's each semester, but will I be taking it right away in August or will it be in like November? Also, if anyone has any general advice they'd like to give me going into AFROTC such as how your rank within the det is determined, feel free to do that as well.
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    I can't speak to the run time. I'm sure you already know time for best score is 10:23. Min scores aren't published. You'll be taking it in august and must pass to contract. Scholarship benefits/money does not kick in until you pass. My personal guess is 13:00 is OK but its just a guess. Try running intervals to improve your time.
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    kinnem is right, you must pass the PFT to contract, and not only the run, but every part of it. Bust one part, you bust the test.

    Most cadets get into trouble because when they took the PFA or workout they are tweaking the form for push ups and sit ups. ROTC will not accept tweaking. Make sure you are doing this properly now.

    AFROTC at our DS's det does the PFT within the 1st week of classes. If school starts Aug 24th, expect it to be no later than the 28th. It can be Aug 31st, but you will be better off to expect it Aug 27th.

    Same in January when you return from winter break.

    As far as ranking within the det...your PFT will be part of that equation, along with your cgpa, and LLAB, plus your position/job.

    Everything counts.

    Good luck and Thank you.

    Aim High, Above All.

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