AFROTC Scholarship Application Confirmation Email?


Jan 15, 2017
The AFROTC scholarship application for the HS graduating class of 2018 opened yesterday, and I filled out the online initial application. The AFROTC website says that I should've gotten a confirmation email with all the necessary forms after submitting, but I never received any email. Does someone have to review my application before sending me the forms or was I supposed to get an email right away? Thanks.
I applied on June 1st too, and I have also not received a confirmation email.
When I attempted to click on the online application I got an error message saying I wasn't authorized. Tried to enable my cookies and checked my setting so unsure how to proceed. Sent email so we'll see if I get a helpful response.
You shouldn't worry too much, especially during the very early stages of the scholarship process. It's possible because you submitted it during the weekend they did not automatically get you the e-mail. If you haven't received it by now, start asking around/calling.
Went through this last year. They are very slow:). No worries. Glad your doing it early.