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    I have recently received a qualified status from DODmerb for my AFROTC scholarship. I am not sure what I need to do now. Is the detachment I will be joining supposed to contact me?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    Have you submitted your letter of intent and a copy of your college acceptance letter to your scholarship technician so they can let the det know your coming?
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    What did the detachment you are going to be joining tell you when you called them to ask???
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    +1 with Non Ducor Duco. I would assume you already did that back months ago and was just waiting on your waiver.

    Every det varies. For our DS his det never contacted him per se, when he went to orientation and signed up for ROTC with his classes, that is when the ball started rolling. He was emailed late in the summer that 1st day of ROTC orientation was a few days before classes began. Other dets like an SMC will be different because they are part of the Corps, and live in ROTC dorms, thus the cadets may need to be there prior to the actual date for all freshmen.

    I would email the det or as Clarkson suggested call them, just be prepared if the det is like our DS's det., they may wait to see from the registrar's dept that you have indeed enrolled before they get back to you.

    The one thing that I would double check with them (both AFROTC and Bursar) is that they know you are scholarship. Scholarships are typically paid Oct 1st. Schools know that so don't worry, they will not lock your account or charge you late fees.

    ~Do not expect your books or stipend to come in for about 4-6 weeks.
    ~~~ Stipend is paid in arrears and they have cut off dates for each pay period. For example: Sept 5th is your 1st day of ROTC. Cut off date is the 5th for the 15th pay period. You will not get a stipend on the 15th. The 1st of October you will, but it will be pro-rated since you were not on the books until the 5th. The 15th of October will be your first full stipend. (Subs Sept if you report in Aug)
    ~~~ Books are not 450 each semester regardless of how much it cost, nor is it 900 lump sum at the start of the year. It is an UP TO 450 per semester situation. In other words if your books cost 322 in the fall you will get 322, they are not going to give you the difference as a bonus for staying under the 450 amount. You submit your receipts to your 1st shirt.

    OBTW you will hear cadets talking about the 15th as payday, but those cadets are already scholarship, and for 300's+ their stipend is yr round because they completed SFT and as a POC the AF owns them. Soooo if you hear anybody talking within weeks of getting their stipend look at their shoulder boards...ten will get you twenty they are POCs and not GMCs. Don't fret and think they lost your paperwork, they didn't.

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