Ahmadinejad's Columbia


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Jun 9, 2006
For some reason, I can't get the system to accept a poll I'd tried to submit. Sooooo.... Hows about an open debate on thoughts concerning Ahmadinejad's comments at Columbia today. Is the guy more wacko than Jacko or are there beliefs that his speech was an educational opportunity for all?
In the original treatise on warfare, Sun-tzu said to keep one's friends close, but their enemies closer. It never hurts to know what the opposition is thinking.
I agree that it's not a bad idea to have him come speak in the states I doubt he'll be able to convince too many people (though who knows) and it can't hurt to get a bit of a peak inside his mind.

As for the entourage he wanted at the WTC memorial, I don't think that's legit.
Initially, I just hated that he was invited to speak in NYC.

But now (after the event) I think it was a good thing. Even better that the focus was on college-age Americans. Many of whom may not have ever examined what Ahmadinejad represents and wants to do.

The Columbia President's introduction was great (at least the excerpts I heard.)
If I posted what I think on this issue I'd have to ban myself, so I'll just shut up. :mad:
Nothing Ahmadinejad says can be trusted to have even a glimmer of truth.