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Dec 23, 2006
Just wondering if a certain football Dad has purchased his AFA jersey with the son's number yet?
I don't know, but in NCAA 09, I just won the Heisman with the current running back, and the Dave Remmington trophy with the center. Anyone know these guys?
I'll have to check out the fencing jerseys while I am there for PW. When we went for orientation, they had EVERY AFA sport except fencing. I complained! Am looking forward to sporting mine soon. I would hate to have to wear a Notre Dame fencing shirt!

If they make a t-shirt with "that certain dad's" son's number, I might be talked into buying one of those too!
You know I was just wondering: Do they parents of the players sit in a special section?
Players are authorized so many tickets for each home game. I believe it is 2 tickets if you're on the team, but 4 if you are dressing for the actual game. I could be wrong about the actual number. Anyway, these reserved tickets are in section L10 or L11 I believe. It could be M10 or M11. Not 100% sure. It's one of the sections in the North-West section. So yes, they can sort of all sit next to each other.

However, there are some like myself who bought season tickets. I did that mainly to support the falcons. The academies definitely get a lot of tax dollars to operate, but many things like sports require ticket sales and donations. Being retired Air Force I am also able to get tickets to almost any event for free. But I prefer when I go to a basketball, Hockey, etc... To pay for the ticket to help support the athletic department. Also, being a freshman, if he's not dressing for the game, then he will be sitting in the student section L18,19,20 and M19,20. I bought tickets in L22 so I could run into him if he's not dressing for the game. Next year, should he be fortunate to still be on the team, I will probably transfer my tickets to get into the L8 or M8 section. Same 50 yard seats, just on the HOME TEAM side (west side).

I was thinking of getting a jersey with my son's number, but if you are a freshman, then except for maybe a hand full, you are on JV. He has 1 number there (#27). But if he dresses for Varsity, then he has another number. I will either wait to see what that number is, or wait to buy a jersey with number until next season. Later... Mike....
Mike, if he makes varsity, I will definitely buy a shirt (he can autograph it for me!). Fencers don't have numbers but all have their names either on their knickers or their jackets or lames (or all three). Mine have theirs on their knickers, the lefty twin on his right leg, the righty twin on his left (called the back leg).
air force

This is the week that I have been waiting for so far. I think that this is the year that Air Force gets the Commander-in Chiefs trophy back from Navy. This will be a battle of 2 of the top 10 rushing offenses in the nation, so the score should be about 17-14 or 20-17 in that range. With AF coming out on top.
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And THEN; Depression sat in.... :frown:

It was a tough loss. This is one of those times where the other team DIDN'T WIN; WE LOST!!! 2 blocked punts for touchdowns and too many turnovers. We had the game and we lost it. According to the stats, we should have won 27 to 13. Unfortunately, all the should of's; could of's; and would of's don't mean a thing. All we can do is put it behind us; get tough; learn from the screw ups; and move on to finish with a 10-2 to 8-4 record and solidify our chances for a Bowl Game. Best of luck to the falcons. later... mike...
Well, Mike, that was one depressing game. Had it not been for the Steeler Victory on Sunday night, our weekend would certainly have been ruined. I was so sorry to hear that so many of the players were down with a bad flu. Awful.

Here's a funny story which happened on Sat; maybe it'll cheer everyone up:

I had been waiting for the AF/Navy game all week, laid in a bunch of snacks, everyone coming over, AF signs, etc all over. So, I knew the game was on at 2 p.m. and that it was to be on Versus channel. 1:55, we turn on the tv... NO GAME! What the heck? Where is the game? Well, not waiting more than 30 seconds, I call Comcast (cable provider): "Look, both AF and Navy say the game is on at 2 on Versus and YOU HAVE SOME OTHER COLLEGE GAME ON! Who cares about Pitt or WVU or any other game? I want a refund on my bill." Well, emotionally spent, we set into complaining and eating. Then, my daughter (saint or demon, yet to be decided in this regard) said, "Mom, I think the game is on at 2 p.m. MOUNTAIN time. That's 4 o'clock to us." Sure enough, the game came right on at 4 pm on the Versus channel as promised. :redface: I called Comcast to apologize - that poor clerk. My D said the AF loss was pay-back for me being such a "nooger."
As an impartial observer, I gotta tell you AF coughed it up. That was nasty.

What happened at the end? AF gets two penalties when the game is essentially over?
I have tickets to the Army/AF game but sadly probably won't make it as my cadet has an out of town sporting event.
Plenty of people care about the very important Pitt v. WVU game, schools with real football programs.

The Army v. Navy game may be fun to watch, but few can deny the fact that it is not GOOD football.

Vanderbilt and the Titans won with weekend, so for me, it was a good weekend.

The week will get much better when the NHL gets into full swing. :eek:
seriously - Pitt vs WVA? Geesh.

What is good football? A lot of Superbowl Games are bad football.
A game like the Army/Navy game is MORE than just football.
Hey Pitt v WVU is the Army Navy of those two schools. I will admit that if the Superbowl doesn't have either the Titans or Steelers, it's a bad superbowl.

And finally I COMPLETELY agree that the Army Navy game is MUCH more than just football. In fact, the primary draw is the stuff surrounding the game, leading up to and during. As far as the actually sport goes, there are better ways to spend money watching football, however when you add all the extra stff that makes it Army v. Navy game.
Well, I'll agree that any superbowl without the Steelers is just plain unwatchable! :shake:

JustaMom: if you want to unload your tickets, I might be an buyer. If one or both of my boys is chosen to go, we're going to drive to USMA and cheer on the Long Blue Line!
Yes, the AF loss was tough to watch, but on Sunday I watched both the Brewers AND the Packers. Now that was a loooong day.
Nothing is worse than watching the Pirates! Even if we get free tickets, we give them away. We should take those nice folks inprisoned at G-mo and make them watch Pirate baseball, especially in September. Then, they would all repent of their actions!

I told you all I could solve the world's problems, didn't I? :biggrin:
Sorry, Fencersmother - my tickets are already spoken for. Did you try going through the AF Athletics website? I think the AF Athletic dept will get a cut if you order through them.

Enjoy your trip to West Point! Let me know if you need suggestions on travel/visiting etc...
Thanks anyway, Just. We are waiting to hear if either/both of the guys are heading east for the game. Both want to go. Frankly, I'm going more to see them than the game. No surprise there, I guess.