1. phackett

    Tic Toc- time is running out!

    Good morning all! My DS has still not heard either way for the acceptance or denial of WP. He of course has many plan B opportunities. What are your thoughts on Norwich University and/or Indian River in FL( accepted to both) He chose these two because he is a 1 m and 3 m board diver and wants...
  2. S

    For those who went to West Point, what was your experience like?

    For those who have went to West Point, if you graduated or not, what was your experiences like? Was it difficult or do you just need to be responsible? What is life like on campus?
  3. S

    What are some tips to get into West Point?

    I'm planning on trying out for the wrestling team and other sports such as swimming. Any tips on what else I should do to get into West Point? Like the classes I should take, the extracurricular, etc. (For reference, I'm in the 9th grade.)
  4. S

    Sports and Role in admission chances

    I am a current Freshman, Ik that varsity sports is something that is loved to be seen in one's application to USNA or any of the SA's. I currently do Wrestling (JV1) and Track(JV2). Instead of doing Track next year, to push for that Varsity Letter and a shot of making it to...
  5. 9

    Appointed...Need Advice

    After 3 long years of applying, I have just received an appointment to USAFA. As truly humbled and thankful I am to receive this appointment after years of toil, I am really at a crossroads on whether or not I should accept the appointment. I'll explain my current standing. I am a 2nd year...
  6. U

    Am I competitive?

    I’m posting this knowing that y’all have probably seen posts like this dozens of times, but please bear with me. I would like to list out my achievements, as I still have quite some time in high school to improve on these, and ask you what I can do to build and improve my application. I will be...
  7. OrionVII

    Does anybody have any advice for cadets who want to go to USMA or USAFA?

    Does Anybody have any advice for high school students who want to attend USMA or USAFA?
  8. W

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey everyone, I took my CFA recently and think I did well on everything but the pushups. My proctor said it was my call if I wanted to submit my score but he recommended not sending it. What do you all think? My scores (I am a male) were: Pushups: 31, Basketball throw: 74'2", Pull-ups: 8...
  9. WingsofBlue19

    What PFT score is most in need of improvement?

    After 2 months with no scheduled PT I took the PFT again, or atleast the JROTC version, which is watered down and consists of 1 minute of pushups, 1 minutes of Situps, and a 1 -mile run. My scores were as follows- Pushups/Min:52 Situps/Min:52 Mile Run: 6:52 A little 52 heavy, isn't it? I...
  10. A

    Relationship Advice

    My boyfriend, who I've been in a serious relationship with for a few years, just left for BCT today. I'm not worried in the slightest and we've talked and prepared for this for quite a while, but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice for the next four years in maintaining a long distance...
  11. S

    Embry Riddle NROTC vs USAFAPS

    I’m stuck between NROTC at ER and USAFAPS. I have two older siblings, one graduated from USNA and flying jets, another currently at USNA ‘24. My father also served 23 years Navy so it's a big influence. Does anyone have any advice or pros and cons about either one? Statistics? Academics...
  12. S

    Is this a disqualifying score?

    Yesterday we took our CFA. Prior to this we had another one in December. The Defense Attache Office says that they will take the best out of the two and send in our scores. So far if I remember correctly, my scores were: Basketball Throw: 70 ft. Pull-Ups: 12 Shuttle Run: 8.3 seconds? Modified...
  13. N

    All Things Beast Barracks

    Hey everyone! Incoming class of 2027 here. I wanted to ask any current or graduated cadets (or really anyone with information) about any and all advice for R-Day and Beast Barracks. I have seen miscellaneous advice throughout the forums but I thought it would be a great resource for myself and...
  14. N

    LOE/LOI and Medical

    Hello! I got an LOE from the Air Force Academy in mid-December that said a spot in the USAFA class of 2027 would be reserved for me provided I "meet all admissions requirements to include a qualified medical status." The letter continued to ask me to "submit all [of my] remaining admissions...
  15. N

    ALO Advice

    Hello! I got a letter of encouragement (LOE) last week from USAFA that said "A spot in the USAFA Class of 2027 will be reserved for you provided you meet all admission requirements to include a qualified medical status." The letter then continued to say "we are asking you to submit all your...
  16. L

    Help with NFCU

    Hey guys, So I DORed from the Naval Academy halfway through my plebe year and other than one person in my company, I'm the only person I know. Does anyone know any other folks who have also left? It's kind of been difficult working through it without anyone else here like me in my home state...
  17. C

    Struggling with decision to accept appointment

    I recently received a USAFA appointment; however, even though I made it through the application process I still have reservations about going there. The main reason I am hesitant is because I am not 100% sure. I am not sure if I want to go to USAFA, and I'm not sure if I even want to be an...
  18. Y

    Need some advice (Warning: LONG POST)

    This morning, I took my cello on the bus and I decided to sit with my little brother(My little brother sits in the back while I usually sit in the front of the bus due to my large instrument). I was about to sit in one of the seats in the back three rows, but the bus driver informed me I could...
  19. Giantatom

    Advice For High School?

    I'm a Junior in high school right now, and I'll be starting my pre-candidate questionnaire when it opens in March. I'm looking for advice on anything I can do in my last year and a half of high school. Currently, I have a pretty good GPA at 3.95 unweighted/4.86 weighted with the most rigorous...
  20. E

    Advice for doing well in ROTC

    Hello everyone, I am a current college freshman and my first Army ROTC PT session and MLS class are on Tuesday. I'm here looking for any possible advice on how to do well as I am applying to USMA this year as well. I applied last year, but no dice so I'm looking to do well in ROTC this semester...