ALO Interviewer not Responding?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Collegestudent16, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Almost two weeks ago on the 25th, my ALO transferred me over to my interview ALO. That same day I looked up my new ALO's contact info and sent him an email introducing myself. After no response, I tried calling the number listed for him but when I dialed, I got a dial tone. Definitely out of service. I called my region counselor and she just told me to hang tight, but I'm still worried. I still haven't gotten a reply and I'm worried about missing deadlines. Is there anything I should/can do?
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    ALO interview is beyond your control and admissions know that. For what's worth, my DS who is now a C4C did not have his ALO interview report submitted until Xmas of his application year. His application deadline was Nov. 1. Try to enjoy your sr year and stay fit.
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    Collegestudent, please, RELAX. Search through this site and you will find that many ALO's are simply unable to respond to your urgent introduction on YOUR schedule. These folks are volunteers, and I promise, they'll get to you. You've made the contact, and corrected/alerted the wrong number.

    Work through those things in your control (it's all about that, really, isn't it?), and your ALO will get to you.
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    Okay...first RELAX...nothing is going to harm you or your candidacy. Let me explain how this is working this cycle.

    When you have completed "X" amount of the application process; you've met the "if these aren't done by XX YYY ZZZZ then you're no longer eligible" then you'll be "cycled" to your evaluation ALO. Now...that does NOT mean you're scheduled for an evaluation interview. EVERY candidate that has been cycled to me has a due date of around February 18, 2018, if my memory serves. I'm not looking at ALOWEB right now but you get the idea. That date is when your evaluation is due. m; I have 25 right me when I say, I'm not in a rush to do those, I am more into getting those that are due this month done.

    Some day in the near future, when you've completed perhaps only one more portion of the process, the status will change and the ALO will be given between 2-3 weeks to complete the evaluation. If you've not heard from the ALO before guess is he/she is really busy. Not to worry; they're not going to let you miss deadlines.

    SO...focus on keeping the grades high, the fitness level high, and as hard as it patient. They WILL get to you.

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