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Feb 24, 2009
Okay, so I contacted my ALO, and he said he wanted to talk to me this weeked.
So I emailed him phone numbers and ideal times for me(this is where the dilemma comes in), but he has not responded at all, and has not contacted me in anyway ever since our initial email.

I know hes probably busy, but shouldn't some acknowledgment be given at least? What should I do?( wait it out, or call him myself?)

Is this in any way a bad sign?

this forum is great, I love the input from everyone!:smile:
You should call him. ALOs aren't going to go against you, they are there to help you.
Definitely call. They love for you to take initiative. Also, be confident in yourself and make it apparent when you speak.

Good luck!
I must agree with all previously said.

ALO's...our mission is to HELP. We are NOT the enemy; rather, we're going to try to become your friend. If you're serious, then we're here to bust our a**es for YOU.

Call him/her again.

A lot of ALOs are commercial pilots. They're not able to check email as frequently when they're on trips. Try contacting him again. They don't mind at all.
My boys' ALOs were both still active duty, one a dentist, and one had some other job (senior moment). The one who was a dentist was just super busy and didn't return calls or emails right away. The other - he had more time and was very good about returning phone calls.

Just politely call back at a decent hour and leave a message. You ALO did not forget you!
Our son had an ALO that didn't respond to E-mails and even missed an appointment time with our son on a Friday night. After my wife talked to our neighbor (Brig Gen) who knew the Director of Admissions, we had a different ALO within 24 hours who is was very responsive to returning phone calls and questions. If you're unhappy with your ALO, then you or your parents should request a change. The ALO is there to support candidates in getting into the Academy; if they are not customer service focus they should not be a volunteer. There are several GREAT ALO's on this board....listen to them and ask them for advice. Just MHO.
ALO's like that we do NOT need.

Glad you were able to "fix" the situation.