Amex discount for cadets


Sep 1, 2015
Do USAFA cadets receive the American Express platinum discount that active duty receives? The discount says active duty does not pay the annual fees.
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My son signed up and got his, so I hope the fee is waived! Lots of benefits but I would hate for him to pay the annual fee on that. He assured me it was waived. I learned a long time ago not to argue with him. If he is wrong, lesson learned!
Thank you, both. I'm sure it will cover the charge. I just want to make sure. I already have one and the benefits are well worth it, if it's free.
Unless something has changed you have to pay the fee at 1st and than they will reimburse you. If I recall it took about 6 weeks before they reimbursed us.
Echoing PIMA, DD received her first AmEx bill and the fee is there so it seems unchanged.
According to son (yes, he reads this forum, he just won't create an account) the first year you pay the fee up front and then get reimbursed when you send them the military information. In subsequent years the fee is just waived since they have the information on file. It will appear as a fee and a credit on your first bill each year.

For anybody that has the card, one benefit is free boingo. So it's definitely worth it to me.
I got mine as a cadet. So yes.

Also the boingo benefit does not count for military broadband services.