Anyone getting this message?


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Jun 11, 2006
When checking his application status on the DoDMERB site, this is the message that has been posted for about a month.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle error '80040e14'
ORA-00936: missing expression
/view/applicant.asp, line 47

We thought it was because of all the other website problems and once they were fixed, he'd have access. It's still there. So he finally decided to report it. It's been several days since DODMERB told him it would be fixed in 24 hours. He just received an e-mail saying the database problem is larger than they expected; be patient. We are. And we both understand. I appreciate the responsiveness, but after waiting for a month for the physician's report to reach DoDMETS, and waiting for the website to fix it's problems, then finding out that he might be the only person with a database problem, I wonder about the weird karma. :confused:

Anyway, we're being patient, and even chuckling :biggrin: about all of this. I just wonder if anyone else is receiving the same message.

I got that message about two weeks ago, but it disappeared after about 2 or 3 days. Hope it clears up!
I'm no expert, but have you tried clearing the cache file on your browser?
momoftwins, give DoDMERB a call and they can give you the status over the phone. I would also let them know that your applicant has been having the web site problems for a month.

The error that is coming up is an Oracle database error. Not a problem with the info in the database, but a problem when it comes to showing it on the web site.
Just got the snail mail letter with the status. Just 1 remedial! And it seems like a simple one. He's on his way to the doctor's office.
just 1 remedial!

Great news, momoftwins! I hope you never feel like this :bang: again!
I just found out from DODMERB that at least 600 applicants are impacted by this Oracle error. They are working on individual fixes to each person's records.
My d had the same problem show up, and it (or something) has lead to a comedy of errors. D's latest medical remedial info arrived at DoDMERB on January 10, but wasn't "posted" to the USNA waiver authorities until Feb 3. Of course, USNA had been looking for the info, gave up, and wrote D an email asking for her to immediately provide the requested info. Several phone calls later, we think the waiver authorities may actually have the data that we paid to ship overnight for arrival January 10!