Anyone not hear about SS?


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Jan 20, 2009
I applied to the Summer Seminar in the middle of January. I understand many of you have received some info regarding your admission to the seminar. I still have not heard anything. Is there anyone else who did not hear anything? Is this a bad sign?

I applied Feb. 1st and still haven't heard yet.
I applied the first or second day the application opened online, and was accepted early this month I want to say...

My ALO told me that she's really busy right now working with kids to submit their SS applications though. I believe she told me that today is the last day they accept applications. That being said, I wouldn't worry too much yet. If you ARE concerned, get in contact with your ALO
Do I have to get an interview with my Alo to get into the ss or is that just for academy admissions?
i applied jan. 27 and heard feb. 13...

I didn't have an interview with my ALO so i don't know...i just got an email...thats all.
My son didn't have an interview with an ALO either - he just submitted everything online. He contacted the ALO (when given the name on the SS information screen) and sent him his resume, etc., and the ALO basically replied "great, thanks, looks good", but didn't mention that he had any role in the SS application process. My son is assuming he'll meet him at some point, and has just followed up and sent him new things (semester grades, ACT scores).
ALOs will call you, or want you to call them, but no official interviews. There will be an interview, however, for actual admissions process.
Hi all!

Interviews with ALO's for SS were NOT required. In fact, we were briefed that if one WAS required, we would be notified by USAFA.

So do not despair if you didn't have an ALO interview.

SS/LO interview

I applied Jan 29 and was contacted immediately by my LO. I interviewed w her on Feb 14. She told me I was an excellent candidate for SS. (I took this as a good sign b/c she did not need to say that. She could have just said good luck.) We have been in contact since then via email. Last week she told me I will hear on Mar 2 whether I am in or not. I've read the board and see alot of people have been notified already. I'm very discouraged and hope I hear today. (LO also said my app, grades, ECA's were very very competitive. We'll see.) sigh.............K
I applied jan 28th and heard back 5 days later.

what questions do they ask you at your alo interview?
LO interview ??

We basically reviewed my academic/athletic resume. I sent her a copy in advance. It was worth the weight. I found out the next day - I got in. I now need to pick a session soon. I am hoping to find out about USNA SS so I can juggle the weeks in conjunction with exams.
Is it bad if you haven't heard yet this late? When is the latest that we will hear about it...? Thanks
ok... I got a letter on monday saying that I could call and be put on a standby list for the SS. I am currently like #5 on the waiting list and the lady said that I should hear next week. Anyone else get this letter?
Is it bad if you haven't heard yet this late? When is the latest that we will hear about it...? Thanks

i only got the letter in the mail yesterday, but had been checking the online page every day. i'd recommend checking the online can get to it from then summer seminar then application. you have to type in your SS # and birth date. you should also check your email, because they emailed a few months ago saying i got accepted. FYI: i applied in early december, so consider that in the "processing time"