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    I realize that the whole "validation" question has probably been answered a lot on here, but I'm confused on how/which AP classes come into play on this subject.

    Because AP exams are pretty expensive, and if you have to buy 5, for example, it can be quite costly, I want to know which ones will help validate classes, if any.

    I have heard that some APs validate classes at the Academy but for a majority of classes you have to take an additional test during Beast.

    I am taking AP Chem, Calc AB, Eng Lit, Micro and Macro Econ. Which of these tests will validate classes for me if i do well on them? Which ones should I not waste my time with, if any?
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    Of those I would take the Lit exam. Chem and Calc have validation tests. HOWEVER, the AP Chem can be considered along with a moderate score on the placement test so I would also add the Chem exam.

    That said, I assume you have back-up universities. In the event you cannot attend an Academy, most universities will take AP credit. So, I would go ahead and take all of them. It is a wise investment. If you get into an Academy, well money won't be a major issue since you are paid to go! If you do not, a few hundred dollars is worth validating a semester or two of courses (~$10-30K).

    Two perspectives for you.
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    Hornet, that is some of the best advice I've heard in a long time. (There's a lot of good advice, but I really like this one).

    So many people forget about ROI. (Return on Investment). No matter what you spend on AP tests; IB diploma test; ACT/SAT; etc... 2 things to remember:

    1. If you DO receive an appointment, then at the very least, you probably saved at least $50,000 for the cheapest State University that you would have paid for. So what is a couple hundred dollars.

    2. Even if you weren't going to the academy, weren't accepted, or changed your mind and decided on another school, every one of those tests would be required for either entrance or validated credits.

    So I'm with Hornet 100%. Take all the tests you can. Validate as much as you can. Mike....

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