AP Exam Scores

Should my daughter have the College Board send her AP exam scores to ROTCs? She received perfect 5s on all of them. For most college applications, they are self reported but there is no real place for this on ROTC applications.


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The ROTC application isn't a college application, it's a scholarship application. I don't think they care about AP test scores. It's certainly something she could self report somewhere in the application.... a comments section or something. Also, if they show up in her high school transcript then they'll have them anyway. I suppose it couldn't hurt to send them but it's might very well be a waste of money.
We uploaded my son's 5 into the upload section and he mentioned it in his essay
Thanks. That is a good idea. I think she put something about it in a question in the NROTC application and could do that for AROTC and AFROTC. She can also upload for AROTC.