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Nov 3, 2007
Today's FedEx brought a package from New York!! Shocking how fast they work up there! The appointment arrived just 10 days after the nomination! We have one very happy young man at our home!! He wrapped it up in one word: "SWEET!"
I offer many congrats to him & your family. Wow, what an exciting time ya'll's holidays will be this year. Bet everyone gets WP sweatshirts!! Wear them proudly. Being a service academy parent, the butterflies seem to move in for the next four years. Enjoy!!
only 4??

I was wondering how I'd ever relax over the next 9 (or more!). I am so proud and so excited for him...but the thought of not seeing him for months at a time is making me sick. How do y'all do it??
Congratulations!! I bet it is nice to know this early in the year. It's good to have another Army parent here (or Woop parent as USNA69 would say :wink:).

As for not seeing them for months...all I can say is thank goodness for email and phones. During basic training waiting for those few short letters was hard. West Point used to not allow cadets leave until their cow (junior) year - I'm glad they don't do that anymore.

Congrats to your son and the family. You all must be so proud!

Best of luck
Congratulations!!! Now go wrap him in bubble wrap!

As far as having kids move away - you will get used to it. I have sent 3 off to college - 1 graduated and came home again :eek:. While my Alabama girl got home - my North Carolinian did not. Too far to drive for a 4 day weekend. Oh well. I am starting to really cherish those times when I have them all together because soon it won't be all that often.

At first you will feel a little lost and/or lonely but this will be the time that you will have to give to the younger ones. It's their turn now!
The oldest was a foreign exchange student last year...most miserable holiday season of my life! We sat in front of the computer watching him open his gifts 6000 miles away! Now he's back and in college 45 min. away (yipee!).

I am glad that I raised a confident young man who is willing to go off to college, make new friends, and try it on his own. He will do great; I will too, eventually!

The youngest was mad at me the whole year the oldest was gone for "letting him go." He adores his older brothers, so this too will be a huge adjustment. I've already promised to fly him up w/ us for plebe parents weekend!
Congratulations to your son for receiving the official appointment to USMA! I hope he has an easy time deciding where to go next year. Sounds like he will have lots of choices. Good luck to him and have a happy holiday season! :smile: