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Nov 17, 2008
I currently am in receipt of a LoA, Nomination, and medical waiver for both USNA and USAFA, and from what I understand, this is grounds for appointment. I just got the final pieces of both those trios last friday (Dec. 5), but I haven't heard anything since.

What kind of waiting/processing period is there between getting to this point, and the official appointment?

I may be a little impatient here, but the past 4 months have been defined by waiting on all this stuff, so I'm just ready to have the final answer.

Congrats! The wait will soon be over. From what I understand it takes awile to print the actual Appointment. Look for it soon.
If you only got the final piece of info on the 5th it should be coming anyday now. Don't know about USNA, but the AF board only meets 1x a week, their letters typically go out on Wed/Thurs. SO my guess is this is your week.

CONGRATS and now wrap yourself in bubble more Monkeys jumping on the bed:shake:
For my son (LOA was in October - only missing Nomination) the time frame between receiving Nomination and receiving appointment package was about 3 weeks. This was in 2010, November/December.
Congratulations, gdesena. Please consider yourself lucky. More than 80% of candidates for USNA (I don'[t know about USAFA) will wait until March or April to learn of appointments. Many do not know about nominations until January! So, again congratulations. And do not get too impatient! There are lots of candidates out there waiting!