Army Navy Game

ChipAyten said:
SINK NAVY! :shake: :thumb: :biggrin:

Methinks the Code of Conduct around here needs to be amended to ban the heresy posted above. :wink:

I won't be there, most likely, but I will be watching when we BEAT ARMY!!

:shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake:
I'll be there and hoping they play better than the game I watched last Saturday.
Can't make the Army/Navy game, but I'll be there when Navy destroys Air Force once again to take home the CIC trophy! Its always fun to see Fisher DeBerry (AF coach and a veritable god for AF types) looking at loosing the trophy once more! :thumb:
OBTW, do any of you Woopsters know the story of Bobby Ross and his illegal players?
Apparantly they were reinstated. They played in a JV scrimmage against USMAPS and someone (?) thought that should count for an entire year of eligibility...... this should add to the drama.
Chip, How in the heck does the Army-Navy game end up in the "Off Topic-no debate" forum?
Oh do tell - you can't let that juicy bit of gossip slide -
anyway should make for an exciting Army-Navy game when Army comes out for revenge and rolls over the sailors.
JAM, you aren't going to try to pull the UMass stunt again are you? Want to make a small wager? Ha Ha
Gee that is tempting.... I was pretty close last week- it was a tie game at half time and they indeed had "not yet begun to fight"!
Maybe you will get lucky and they will actually fight against Army - but - Nah I doubt it! They need to find a QB who can actually throw a ball. Mabye the team needs a little more hand grenade practice
OK let's see if Army wins I give you my West Point hat and you have to wear it throughout the first home Navy game next year. haha
Sounds good and if your daughter doesn't see the light and chooses WP over USNA, you have to do the same. Good bet. In that the slim chance the Woops win, I will have a good story to go with the hat.
Deal. Would she be so lucky that she would get a choice. However, USCGA is looking mighty fine right now.

I will make sure to alert the media, so they can get a shot of a WP hat in a sea of Navy on national TV.
A woop hat wouldn't cause a stir at all. A lot of USMA grads, wanting to see a good football game for a change, come down to Annapolis
You, however, might look a little conflicted in Philadelphia (is that where it is in 2008) wearing a WP hat and a dark blue jacket with N-A-V-Y printed across the front in big white letters.
Whoa, hold the cameras, stop the press. The bet was for the first game of the season, not Army-Navy.
Oh yea you are right--- doesn't matter. You will never pass for a USMA alum in annapolis!!