Army ROTC Scholarship Winner Next Steps

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Cblue, Feb 10, 2019.

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    May 9, 2018
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    I have Uploaded and accepted my 3 year scholarship for the university of West Florida and have a couple questions..

    1.) Will there be training before classes begin in the fall? If so, when does it begin and how do you know what dates you’re obligated to be moved in.

    2.) Do rotc cadets go through basic?

    3.)When do we get the information on how to complete the DOMERB?
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    May 6, 2018
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    1) usually no there's no training before the fall semester of your first year
    2)they don't go through Basic training however there is an opportunity to go to basic camp as a summer event after your MS1 year. It's not mandatory if you're going into the university as an MS1
    3) If i remember correctly you will get an email but don't quote me on that. Not sure when you will get it.
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    No...There is no Basic training for scholarship winners. Until you are contracted you shouldn’t be doing any training, and once you are contracted, you should be looking for opportunities like CULP or ABN/AAS or Army internships, not Basic Camp.

    DODMERB instructions are right in the additional information tab on the application website. You should also be getting a letter or email, but look on the application website

    Each Army ROTC does there onboarding a little differently, so instead of asking random people on an anonymous discussion board, you would be best served to contact your new ROTC Battalion and ask them what the process is. Keep in mind there is still one more round of offers, and the ROO at the school probably hasn’t even started planning whatever they do. In my case about a month after third round offers go out, when I know who has accepted, who has declined, and who is actually coming to Clarkson will I start sending out information about onboarding (paperwork, orientation, PT test). That’s late April/May. In the meantime, I’m hoping all my inbound freshmen will be reaching out to me, keeping me informed, and asking lots of questions about what to expect.
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    This is exactly what DS has been doing and his ROO has been extremely helpful and proactive with information. He already send a list of classes that DS needs to register for when he does his school orientation and instructions on how to request ROTC housing, and has requested birth certificate, SSC, and immunization record. We are just sitting on everything, though, except for sending DS's medical qualification, while we wait for USMA to make appointments.