AROTC and Simultaneous Reserves of another branch?


Feb 22, 2017
I am aware that one can be an AROTC cadet while also serving as a member of the army reserves or army national guard, but can one be an AROTC cadet while also serving as a member of another branch's reserves or guard component?
My first thought is No.

My second thought is, Why would you want to.
You could, until it's time to contract, then you would probably have to leave the other component. Didn't confirm that in a regulation, just an educated best guess, and I'm with jcleppe...can't think of a good reason why you'd want to do this.
When my son was an MSIV, there was an AFROTC cadet in his USAR unit. I believe she was engaged or married to an older AFROTC cadet which was her reason for pursuing the transfer in branches...That was a year (Spring '14 or '15?) where the AF decided to limit the numbers going to Summer Camp/Advance status. I know she then talked to the AROTC cadre, but heard later from my son that she did not contract.