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    Hey my dream is to be an Army Officer and I am applying for the AROTC scholarship along with West Point. I am in March of my Junior year so I have not applied yet. I have a 3.49 weighted gpa, aiming for 28-31 ACT score. Have two JV letters for Basketball along with 2 Varsity Letters. I was team captain of my JV team and my travel basketball team. I have many community service through my church/youth group and have a job as a teller at a credit union. I am in National Piano Federation and am in two honors societies along with placing 2nd and 3rd in the county for my business club, DECA. I am going to try and be president of another club as well. If any AROTC scholarship recipients can post their statistics or give advice on my chances that would be much appreciated. Please be honest and thank you for you help.
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    A record that is competitive for USMA is also competitive for an AROTC scholarship and vice versa

    Varsity letters and Varsity captains count. You might be able to add your JV/travel awards and JV/travel captains in the "remarks" section of the applications. Use it to show a pattern of achievement and leadership by you.

    Your weighted GPA is a little low. Will depend on your school 's reputation and school profile.

    IMHO You can make your GPA not be a concern by performing very well on the SAT or ACT. IMHO You should be above 1900 SAT. I think that is 30 for composite ACT.

    Officer in a club is more important than member of a club or how many clubs.

    Research Boy's State and try to go.

    DECA awards are good. Church youth group and job is good. Will have to explain in the remarks section of your Application.

    Use the search tool in the upper right corner of the page to find stats of past AROTC scholarship award winners.
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    Your weighted gpa is irrelevant. CC cares about un-weighted.
    They also care about class rank though (which is usually based on weighted gpa).

    You seem to have a decent foundation. I'd say you have a good chance.

    As Falcon A stated, research and attend boys state.

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