AROTC HS Awards Presentation


Aug 14, 2017
I was wondering if there were any forms to fill out or action needed on the future cadet's side for the HS awards presentation. I noticed a link on the application website under additional information, but it is a dead link.
I would suggest that you contact the ROO at the college AROTC program and ask about having someone attend the ceremony (if your cadet is interested in it). If the college is far from the HS, the ROO will contact a local battalion to make the presentation in most cases.
Also make sure that your son/daughters school allows for such a presentation. My son's school did not allow scholarship presentations at their awards night, they would mention the scholarship but there was no formal presentation. Didn't really matter since neither son wanted any type of presentation.
Our ROO told my son to let the coordinator at the high school know and to give her his information so that it can be coordinated on the awards night. When my son was telling the coordinator, she hadn't a clue but the principal overheard him and verified that it was ok. There will be a formal presentation.
Rotc program closest to where you live is tasked to make the presentation. Keep in mind there are only so many of us. We do our best to do as many of these as we can. The third board hasn’t even finished their work, so don’t expect us to start working on the presentation mission until the late April timeframe, when all the offers have been accepted or declined.