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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by FutureOfficer1, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Hello quick rundown I am currently an MS II cadet and a Government and International Politics major minoring in National Security. As time goes by I feel a bit worried that I have not been able to find out exactly what I want to do in the Army and for the most part my ideal career in the army is a career that emulates, in a way, the TYPE of career I want to have in the event I decide to retire and matriculate into the civilian world. Because I want my career to revolve around national security or diplomacy, I think MI, Civil Affairs or JAG Officer will do me good. Another dilemma I am facing is the fact that MI and Civil Affairs are jobs not open to 2nd LT but rather 1LT or CPT with that being said what other branch is there open to 2nd LTs that I can pick that will allow me to use the skills I acquired in my major?

    I hope my concern does not confuse anyone
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    MI is available to 2LT's right out of school, they do not take many this way but several do get MI right out of school. Many that branch MI will be given a branch detail, usually in a combat arm, they work in this branch for about 3 years and the automatically switch over to MI.

    If you want MI right out of school, do well, finish in the top 10% and you're guaranteed your first pick.

    Civil Affairs is something you can apply for out of any branch when your year group is allowed to apply, around the three year mark.
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    When you say 'finish in the top 10%', are you referring to the OML or just top 10% at your college?
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    No matter what branch you get, you will not work strictly in that field for the next 20 years. If you get branched MI you might be an Assistant S2 for a couple years, then you may get a platoon, then you may be assigned as a staff officer while you wait to go to your Captain's Career Course. Then you may be the supply officer in a Support Battalion until you get picked up to command a company. Once you are done with command you will probably be a staff officer again.

    Bottom line is don't get too hung up on exactly what you will be doing in the Army, because it is always going to change, and you will always be positioning yourself for that next level of responsibility...or you will be preparing for that civilian job when you get out.

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