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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Yukon, Dec 13, 2015.

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    Let's say Im attending San Jose State for example, but I want to attend UC Berkeley's AFROTC. If I enroll as a student in a "cross-town" contract with Berkeley, such as a community college, and only take the AFROTC class at that college, is it possible to attend ROTC at Berkeley, even though San Jose State has it's own?

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    You need to be a fully matriculated student and if I understood your post it doesn't seem to me that you would be. The class load is insufficient.
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    I've never heard of that being done... To my knowledge, that wouldn't be allowed because the reason people from different schools are allowed to be in a certain college's detachment is because that college has a cross-town agreement with the student's college. You would have to either attend that college or attend a cross-town of that college. I say this because if you attend let's say college X and there is a college Y downtown of college X. Y has a detachment and X doesn't. If X doesn't have a cross-town agreement with any colleges, then you as a student of X university cannot be in an AFORTC program

    If you don't mind me asking, why would you want to attend another colleges detachment if that one already has a detachment at the school.
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    I too wonder why?

    Back on topic now. No.

    Let's take this a different way. One day you will commission and AFROTC goes AD, no reserve or guard options. Basically what you are saying is if they assigned me to Lackland, but for whatever reason you want to work out of Randolph. Both are in San Antonio.

    If your college for xtown is San Jose, than you are assigned to San Jose.

    If you want to attend Berkeley as a xtown than you need to find a college that goes to Berkeley.

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