Averse reaction to fire ant bites


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Oct 1, 2016
So when I was filling out my medical history on the DoDMETS website, I checked "yes" to "averse reaction to insect stings/bites" or something like that, because in middle school I was bitten a few times. The bites themselves swelled up a lot, and I had some trouble breathing when I had to run for Gym class, but I had no other negative reactions otherwise. Then it asked me a bunch of questions regarding treatment, who was my doctor, etc. Thing is, my fire ant bite allergy is pretty much self-diagnosed and honestly pretty minor, and I've never seen a doctor for it. When I tried to go back to the basic questions to change my answer, I couldn't. So then I was stuck with being forced to answer the follow-up questions.

I just did my DoDMERB exam today, and I told my Dr. that my reaction is nothing serious, just a minor inconvenience when I exert myself (eg running long distances), and that I've never needed an Epi pen, only Benadryl or some other OTC. I told him it normally lasts for 2-3 days. Do you guys think this is enough to get me DQ'd? I'm sorry if I seem like I'm overreacting, but I really, really hope that isn't enough to hurt my chances. Thanks!
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Chill, all will be well.

Any doc in the south knows fire ants. I have never seen anyone in my time here DQd for fire ant bites.

Your BGO may say you are excellently qualified, but remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

I highly doubt you will be DQd medically for this, but it will all come down to your WCS for an appointment if you are 3 Q
Here is what I could find from the medical standard
History of anaphylaxis to stinging insects (989.5). A cutaneous only reaction to a stinging insect under the age of 16 DOES meet the standard. Applicants who have been treated for 3-5 years with maintenance venom immunotherapy DO meet the standard.
If the incident was before the age of 16 you should qualify. Even if you were older you should still be good, It will depend on how DoDMERB and the DoD physician interperate your reaction to the sting. Was it a typical reaction or was it anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a sever allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention. I find it difficult to see how they could interpret your reaction that way. Worst case would be a DQ by DoDMERB, because they want the commissioning source to decide, and it should be an easy waiver.

Just my unprofessional opinion.
About a month ago, I got a letter from DoDMERB that asked me to fill out the form that 5Day linked. So I filled that out and sent that in, saying that everything was really minor and there was no anaphylaxis or anything, and all that. Then they send me another letter today saying that I have to drag myself to the doctor and get tested for IgE antibodies (which cause the reaction). Problem is, if it takes another month for DoDMERB to review my test results again, it's going to be the end of March or early April by the time the info gets sent to USNA, which is awfully close to the notification of appointment date. I'm fairly certain that my issue with fire ants isn't grounds for DQ, and at worst I'd have to complete a waiver, but I'm honestly just a bit frustrated and really worry that my medical stuff coming in so late might damage my prospects. A huge thank you to all who replied, though.
All you can do is follow up with the test as soon as you can. USNA does have options. They can issue a LOA or conditional appointment, the condition being your medical qualification or medical waiver. From last year - 128) HassamaMama/LOA Feb 5th/Appointment June 9th/Accepted/ The final appointment was June 9 because of medical waivers and medical DQs. I understand the frustration, but HassamaMama's ordeal last year shows that there is still hope.