Aviation out of NROTC


Jan 21, 2021
Question for all, how difficult is it to pick up an aviation slot? How many SNA/SNFO does the NROTC program usually produce? What could I do now as a sophomore to be competitive by the time service assignment comes around? What ASTB scores should I aim for? Thank you for your time and help everybody!
Current SNA here: It depends. I will tell you that for sure they are decreasing the amount of aviation slots available each year to both NROTC and USNA due to the backlog for classing up at flight school, so it will be more competitive than it is now. We were told this a couple months ago by CNETC and CNATRA themselves in Pensacola at an all-hands flight school brief.

What you can do right now: get good grades, GPA is probably the biggest factor in selection tbh. Aim high on the ASTB. Like triple 7s to be safe. You can take it at most 3 times, so study a lot if your first go at it isn't good. Junior spring PRT is going to be the one that counts for service selection most likely. Unit CO's rankings also matter, so be a good midshipman. Major Tier matters a bit too but a Tier 3 mid with a stellar GPA (like myself) will almost always beat out a Tier 1 mid with a subpar GPA, so slack off with academics if you're a STEM major.

Biggest things you can do to improve your chances are to do the best you can do. Nuke draft is also a problem (especially for guys), but just do not put subs or nuke SWO anywhere on your selection sheet come senior year. Even putting it at #5 is considered volunteering for nuke.
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Be sure also that your vision qualifies-DS got SNA and didn’t pass the vision due to Esophoria (you can have 2020 vision and not realize this because it isn’t always obvious). Had he known -he wouldn’t have wasted a top spot on his selection sheet on SNA. He was super high in order of merit and wasted it a bit. Work hard-but also work smart. The vision exam is a lot more involved for aviation than the standard NROTC DODMERB qual.