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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by NamD, Oct 6, 2011.

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    my blue and gold officer submitted my interview about a week ago and now I am in the process of waiting. I already received a JROTC nomination and am eager to see how well things go.
    But a few questions come to mind:
    - I know that USMA is cutting down the amount of candidates this year, therefore making class of 2016 one of the more competitive years. Is this the same for USNA?
    - How much weight does the B&G interview carry for a candidate?

    Also, my class rank is not good. Not good at all. (40% percentile :redface:). My SAT scores are 640 and 630 for math and reading respectively. In such case, would raising my GPA (and therefore my class rank) this semester as a senior be more effective or would raising my SAT scores be more effective in maximizing my chances of gaining an appointment?

    Thank you very much!
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    First answer - BOTH! More realistic answer... since GPA is an average of all your grades it's difficult to have a big impact on it at this point. But showing an improvement in your grades over prior years is realistic and should have some impact. Improving your SAT scores is certainly within your grasp. Students almost always improve their scores when they retake the SAT. You should work on both as opposed to one or the other, but if I HAD to chose between the two I'd go after the SAT.
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    The Class of 2016 will be one of the most competitive in years, not b/c they are reducing class size but b/c number of qualified applicants has increased for the same number of spots.

    BGO interviews carry some weight. BGOs must support their views with facts. Please understand, however, that your teacher recs are VERY important (see my post of Good Gouge) from several days ago. These people have known you for a year; the BGO sees you for an hour or so.

    It is unlikely that, if you are otherwise a weak/average candidate, the BGO interview-- even if great -- will help all that much. Conversely, BGOs aren't there to trash your dreams and very poor recommendations tend to be few and far between -- and also must be supported with facts. Thus, just b/c you and the BGO don't hit it off, don't despair.:smile:

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