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Jul 9, 2006
All Star break time - I see the AL won - again!

This means the Red Sox will have home field advantage when they meet the Mets in the World Series this fall -:thumb:
I didn't get to watch the All-star game. Anybody see Ichiro's inside the park homerun? I can't believe I missed it! :thumbdown:

Chip - At least she didn't say Yankees, then I would have vomited.
A Mets-Sox series would be fun. But how could the Sox choke again half as well as they did in 1986? Billy Buckner, my hero.
I didn't even know the All-Star game had been played until I happened to walk past a newspaper this morning.

Red Sox - Let's do it again in 2089! :biggrin:
What is this baseball thing people are talking about?? Is it still considered a sport that people actually watch?? I just thought it was a good excuse for a 3 hour nap.. :biggrin:
How 'bout them Rockies!!!! Maybe now some of you westerners will actually go watch them play! :shake:

So folks - all you Red Sox haters out there - Who finished the season with the best record in baseball???? :wink:

Time to throw out those world series picks -

I would love to see a Red Sox-Philles series - I know Jamzmom wants the Cubbies in there though -:thumb:
LOL C'mon everyone, you have to give at least one little grin for my Cubbies at the very thought of ending a 99 year old curse. My only fear is that if they should happen to win, Chicago's fabled Mrs. O'Leary's cow fire will look like a flame from a bic lighter in comparison. Son has threatened to be there to turn over at least one car. :rolleyes:
I'll give you his cell # so you guys can plan. LOL