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    DS was home for a quick visit last week. During his time at FT. Knox he has observed the following behavior from some of his fellow officers.

    A couple of newly minted (soon to be newly discharged) lieutenants get arrested for DUI.
    Recent 2nd LT. get arrested in Nashville for some disturbance and then missing formation because he was in jail. He went to an SMC so I think his repayment is going to be ugly.
    Capt. arrested for DUI.

    For the love of all that is holy and just..... Drink in moderation. Agree on a designated driver. There is absolutely no excuse for driving drunk. Uber, Lyft, taxi, designed driver, go alcohol free for the evening, get a hotel room.
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    Sad part is....the Summer Training still has a ways to go.
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    Good. Get them out before they get to the force and take charge of Soldiers.

    Sadly, I've seen it in my unit as well.
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    It's kind of cynical I know, but when I first got to my unit all of the senior LT's told me not to worry too much about OER's, getting selected to do special things, or otherwise stress out about doing a good job and being recognized for being a good leader. To summarize what they said, DUI's, Sexual Harassment, Fratenerization, failing drug tests, and general "getting drunk and doing something gloriously stupid", as I like to say, will easily weed out 40-50% of the competition.
    I've been a platoon leader for almost 9 months now and that couldn't be more true.
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    Jeez, as I have asked many times, why do they call it "common sense" when it's SO UNCOMMON?
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    At Bullet's last duty station there were 2 USAFA grads waiting on casual status to go to UPT. Both went out drinking in town, got DUIs, and by the end of the next week their slots were pulled. They were PCSd within a month to their new career field assignments to pay back their remaining years. 22 and their dreams were up in smoke because they were not smart enough to pay 10 bucks for a taxi!
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    I think the three best ones I can remember... we had a Marine Capt who had lost his wings and was now in our squadron. He was on ship and had sexually assaulted a female LCpl after a night of gambling and drinking with them. I was a brand new Lt who on duty had to bring him meals as he had home confinement in the Okinawa BOQ... talk about awkward. We had a 1stLt who was dating a LCpl. She broke it off and he started stalking her. He followed her to some club out in town and made a huge drunk scene and her buddies chased him off. He then ran his car drunk into a tree. We had a 1stLt who had been dropped from flight school in the final weeks before his wings. I was on duty on a Saturday night and get a call from PMO to come pick up a drunk officer who had been given a DUI in town. None of knew who he was and come to find out he was checking into the unit Monday. He tried to argue he was not drunk with me and had blown a .16 and smelled like a bar. I laughed and told him he better report to the CO in alphas at 0730 with a fresh haircut and be prepared for a very and miserable day. He showed up late and no haircut. Only time I ever saw the CO yell in 2 years.
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