Been gone, but now I'm back


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Nov 25, 2007
Hello All,

I've been going through the wonderful period known as transfer season. I transfered off of my cutter about two weeks ago, and made my move about a week and a half ago. The move went well, with very few bumps, and I'm now where I need to be, with the things I need and finally enjoying internet and cable TV.

Hope everyone's doing well!
how do you like your new assignment compared to your old one?
My new assignment is great. Before I got further, I just need to say that the US Coast Guard is a sea service, and is primarily operational, as it should be.

I need to say that before I answer Zach's question. I like the new job. It is not an operational unit, nor is it at sea. I went straight from high school to college, and straight from college to a cutter. That being said, I have had little time to "live" my life. That is a distinct possibility with this assignment.

I am a Public Affairs Officer. The Coast Guard has a story, and that story needs to get out there, as much as possible. I'm very excited to have a part in that process. Furthermore, I'm working for a great office and I have nothing but good things to say about my new coworkers.

I started this post talking about the Coast Guard as an operational sea service to illustrate the fact that my job now is in support of that "mission" area.

I have have the opportunity to work with DoD, head over to the Pentagon while at this assignment. Keep in mind that the Coast Guard Headquarters is not located at the Pentagon, but it will be good to see my counterparts on the DoD side of the house.
Congrats LITS. Great to see you back here. Best of luck with your new
Mega dittoes to you LIS(ha ha that was for Zaphod). Anyway, I feel that since the Thadmiral has been in charge, the p.r. effort has been much better and you can definitely add to that success. P.R. or P.A. is very important for all the services. The Coast Guard probably gets more good press than any of the services in part due to the humanitarian nature of the CG. Their web site is a good one and the news media does the rest. Aside from a few blips the Coast Guard is getting much good coverage.:smile: