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Aug 5, 2007
How much does the BGO officer know about us, based on our online application? Can they basically view everything that we submitted online, or is there only a certain extent of information that they can view?

I definitely know that he/she can view our SAT scores
When my son interviewed the USNA BGO his questions indicated that he had access to at least part of my son's file at USNA. Be yourself and enjoy meeting a very impressive Naval Officer.

My son's BGO came to our house in full dress blues and refused all refreshments except black coffee. The interview was instructive and complete. He spoke for about 30 minutes with our son, my husband, and me. Then he and my son spoke alone for about an hour and a half. He is the second Submariner that I have met and spoken with. It was quite an honor to meet him. I think you will enjoy your BGO interview.
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My daughters interview last year was with a Marine Reserve Officer who is an Academy graduate. He came to our home in Civies and was very laid back. My wife and I were ready to leave but he encouraged us to stick around. We kept out of the conversation, but it was a very easy interview, from my viewpoint.

This year, daughter was away at Northwestern Prep, so I called the BGO (same one) and arranged a phone interview. She called him at home and said it was really easy, he just wanted her to update what she'd been doing to improve her chances.

As an aside, our daughter has been talking to the officer in charge of Idaho BGOs (area coordinator?) for several years. He saw us last Thursday and complimented her on how much her SAT scores and application had improved, so I'm pretty sure they have access to the file.
My son's BGO interview was in a Starbucks - very laid back - both in very casual attire. BGO had no intentions of meeting with us. The interview was with the candidate only. That is the way he has always done it. Wants the applicant in an environment that is neutral and relaxing.

Each BGO has their own style so expect anything when given your instructions.
Also many BGO's in our area are parents of Mids or Grads, not USNA Grads. Son's was a USNA Grad who served his 5 years and went on to grad school and a civilian career.
The BGO here is actually an air force major. He graduated at USNA, but he said that the Navy was never for him. :confused:
My D's BGO is a parent of a USNA graduate. She's been fairly uninvolved and told us she has limited access to my D's file. Came to the house for the interview - about 30 min. with all of us and and hour with just my daughter- then left with saying goodbye to my husband or myself (we had left the room). We thought it was kind of strange but then we thought maybe it was because she didn't want to be presented with a lot of questions regarding the time she spent with our D. Now I'm not so sure. We try to keep her updated with what has progressed even though I'm not so sure she really wants it :frown:
I can't even submit anything online. Everything is coming out as an error because the Navy has some sort of a curtain that is preventing folks living overseas from accessing their file. This is the case for APO AP. Rats.
BGOs can see:

(1) How much of your packet you've completed (which items have been submitted)

(2) Your highest ACT/SAT scores

(3) Your medical status (Qualified, Incomplete, Rejected -- but no other details).

(4) If you are being recruited for a sport and, if so, which one.

(5) If you have received a nom and from where (although that information is often a bit delayed in our system

(6) Whether you attended NASS

That's about it. Many candidates bring resumes and/or a copy of their essay to the interview, but this isn't required.
My son's BGO was a retired gentleman who came to our home and sat down with my husband, son, and me. His connection to USNA was that he was the parent of a former graduate, maybe about 12 to 15 years ago. My son sent him a thank you letter after the interview. My son later sent him some emails telling him of his fall activities. He also called him this fall to ask if there is anything more he should be doing to help his acceptance chances. The BGO did call back a few days later and, while very friendly and polite, did not have any suggestions. He just sort of agreed that the waiting is hard. I think he is rather detached from the process, but I could be wrong. We did appreciate meeting him and he was nice. Good luck to all.
Can BGOs also see if you passed CFA? Because mine said he had info that I passed.

Unless something has changed in the last few days since I logged into BGIS, the answer is "No." We just see the date that you took the test.
That's...odd. I e-mailed him back in October asking to retake it but then said after he got in touch with the Regional Director said that I had passed and didnt need to retake it.
The regional is in charge of your packet at the SA, that is why the BGO had to call the regional. Regionals are not volunteers, nor are they BGO's.

That's...odd. I e-mailed him back in October asking to retake it but then said after he got in touch with the Regional Director said that I had passed and didnt need to retake it.

We can ask the RD, but we don't have visibility to the results in BGIS, only the date the test was taken/input into the system and the RD won't tell us whether it was passed or failed unless we make the request.