Big Day in Upstate New York


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Nov 3, 2007
Can hardly contain ourselves tonight as we came home to a priority mail package from USMA. Thought it would never happen. Needless to say we popped the champagne to celebrate sons offer of admission!

YEAAAAAAAAA:beer1: :band:

Thanks to all who have provided insight and advice through the process!


Is he going to accept the appointment?
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We believe he will. He also has 4 yr ROTC scholarship offers to his second and third school choices. But USMA is his first choice and we think he'll stay with it.

He is still trying to digest this as all three of these offers came today. What a night!!:eek:

Many many congrats. I think I'd need TWO bottles for obvious reasons. :biggrin:

Best wishes for both your futures. Yep, its his future but trust me that they tend to drag ya along with 'em! Enjoy the moment!
Buckle up!!! You're in for a helluva roller coaster ride now!!!

Woo Hoo Thurl!!! Congrats to one and all...what will you worry about now? :shake:
Thanks one and all for the well wishes. Looking forward to the wild ride.


Thurl, what excellent, wonderful, beautiful news!! Congratulations! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
Thanks again everyone. It's like walking on cloud nine today!
i got a call from my MOC last night. The appointment is in the mail!
Class of 2012!!!


Many Congrats! And good luck

And Yet Another

TN appointee. Whew, what a ride! :shake: Senator and Congressman both called to congratulate son at school and son's packet is in the mail.

Congratulations to the Entering Class of 2012.
A bit HOOAH!!! to everybody who received appointments! Savor the moment.