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Jul 18, 2010
Someone please help explain...What are 'Boards' and what are they for??:confused:
Some people may be referring to the boards on this forum. For example, the USNA board, the "Off Topic" board, the DODMERB board, etc. Or maybe the Admissions Board at USNA. Depends on the context.
No, I have a DS that's a plebe. He's constantly working on 'Boards'. He missed some tryouts for various sports because he was working on 'Boards' and is now working on them again. Would like to know what they are....decorations for upper classmen is what someone mentioned?
It's probably the company bulletin boards plebes are required to decorate. I've seen pictures of them, and they're usually either impressive or hilarious (a photo of my 1/C was plunked on Rambo's body in one). When son was a plebe, he told me he was glad he wasn't seen as creative, since those who were got the board assignments. It does take a healthy imagination to see him as Rambo ...
Yes, the 'boards' are odes to company officer Firsties. Plebes must draw large posters to fit on bulletin boards on the Bancroft floor where their company resides. A board must be made for each company officer, so the Plebes had to seek each one out and ask them what their desired billet was, then create a sort of mural to fit. Creativity and artistic ability are key to acceptable boards - if the Firstie doesn't like it, or it isn't neatly drawn/painted, it will be torn down and must be done again. Based on information from my Plebe, this can happen more than once. Just another challenging mission added to all the others that Plebes had to contend with between the end of Plebe summer and the first few weeks of ac year. :unhappy:
So if they pick the plebe that is the most creative, then DS's company is in trouble if they picked him!! VERY imaginative but not that great in expressing through art! Okay, now that I have an idea about boards what are 'Signatures'? And what does that process entail??
'Signatures' or 'Sig Sheets' are sheets of paper with each upperclassman's name and plebes must get their signature within the training sergeant's allotted time. My company (28) failed to complete them the first time around, so the second time we had to get hometowns, too. One person completed that sheet so now we have to write a 1 page bio on each person who's signature we didn't get.
My son was "leader of the boards" for his group. He was stressed out about it for a couple of weeks, but I think he has at last completed the four of which he was "in charge". He sent me pics. He said he worked on them for hours and hours. I wondered how he managed that along with classes, military duties, choir, drum and bugle, glee club, signatures... Some days he seems completely overwhelmed; other days he's on top of the world. I guess that is the typical plebe experience. :rolleyes:
My son is the same way, such a roller coaster, his attitude changes by the hour. He has not mentioned anything to me about having to do any boards though, I'll have to ask him about that next time he calls
My son is also frantic with his assigned company boards. The first time around all the completed boards were torn down and he is now finishing the second board. He is stressed trying to get this done on top of studying for his classes. Is the whole Plebe year filled with assignments like the boards and signatures or is this mostly confined to the beginning of the year??
Daughter had to oversee "Boards". With some art training she was selected and hated it and spent nights and weekends. Had other Plebes do the backgrounds while she did the up front and detail. Firstie said "If it wasn't against fraternization I would give you a hug" when he saw his. They won. Find the artist in the Plebes!!
Well, DS finished his boards yesterday. Then he texted that his company didn't get their sig sheets finished (which I understand is pretty common) so now they are going to have to "pay for that for the next month". He also has a big paper coming due soon, so I'm sure that adds to the stress. This was definitely a "down" weekend. Feel like I'm living at Cedar Point!!:yllol:
My now 2/C DD and her roommate were heavily involved in their company's "boards" two years ago. In addition to those for the Firstie officers, they also did boards for their Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) and Company Officer. They, too, had to do several of them over - several times. In addition to time, it cost quite a bit to buy white sheets and art supplies. (The Plebes often/usually stretch white sheets over bulletin boards as the background.)

BTW, we saw many of this year's boards this past weekend (2/C Parents Weekend!). BZ to all of your Plebes! :thumb:

Signature sheets often don't get done, or get done by some Plebes but not others. Every time they don't get done, the upper class make it a bit harder on the next go-round. Eventually, the Plebes learn that they need to put peer pressure on to get everyone to get it done. It's an important lesson to learn to make sure the whole job gets done, not just "my part."
Remember those finished boards? One of the firsties liked the art work but "wants something different", so... back to the drawing board for my Plebe. (I know, cheesy, but I couldn't resist! :biggrin:)

If he got out of doing "Boards" let him skate. DADT is good for Board assignments (No Art Comprehension and No Art Help Possible from me. "I might be able to paint the blue background"). All Companys do Boards and they are reviewed and judged. Daughter missed a lot of liberty trying to complete them. Don't volunteer any art background. They looked pretty good when she sent the pictures and we have them in her scrap book.
No I would have no problem letting him skate I am just worried because I knew he was handing in his boards on sunday (for the second time) and I just hope it is not his board that was torn down to do again. he was completely stressed about getting it done and his classwork. Last week was a tough week on him especailly with 2 home games to attend
he was completely stressed about getting it done and his classwork. Last week was a tough week on him especially with 2 home games to attend

LOL The life of a plebe.... A little advice, Sunday is not the day to try to get all of their class work done/ caught up - typically Sunday is used for studying professional knowledge, taking knowledge tests i.e. company stuff. Also, your plebe may "plan" on doing certain things i.e. studying etc. and then the big wrench of being voluntold comes down and all the plans have to be adjusted. Its all about time management and flexibility.

If he got out of doing "Boards" let him skate. DADT is good for Board assignments (No Art Comprehension and No Art Help Possible from me).
Anyone who follows this advice will probably live to regret it.