Bomb threats at school


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Jun 9, 2006
This is getting ridiculous! My youngest son’s high school has had 7 bomb threats in the last 10 days. They had two yesterday and they have already had one this morning and it is only 9:20 a.m. here. The local police, state patrol, and the feds are all involved in trying to figure out who is doing this. All but two of the threats have come via email.

It is really becoming a disruption to the school especially this close to the end of the year. They have to evacuate everyone to the soccer field each time while the school is searched with bomb-sniffing dogs. The seniors graduate on the 15th so next week is finals for them. I sure hope they catch who is doing this before Monday. Someone is going to be in deep doo-doo because it is a felony to threaten to bomb a school.

I was feeling pretty confident that my son is not in any real danger, especially since they are taking security very seriously at the school, but with all the school violence that has happened, there is always that doubt in your mind. Some parents are keeping their kids home. I am hoping I won’t have to do that.
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Only fools believe that the internet is truly anonymous. If the idiot(s) sent them via e-mail, they'll be caught.

Morons. :mad:
yep they should be caught and it should be too difficult.

we have had bomb threats in our area on and off since Columbine and then around 9/11. The nasty culprits are usually caught. especially when they are dumb enough to do it multiple times.
One more thing to keep in mind - kids talk. they can't help it. sooner or later they brag.
One piece of unsolicitied advice - I personally think it is unwise to keep kids home - for many reasons.
Anyway, a few years ago a school nearby, had several bomb threats. The last one - the cops came - cleared the gymnasium and all the kids were evacuated into the gym. The state police showed up with their k-9's and went to work on the school. The school halls were filled with state cops as the kids were entering the gym - very intimidating.
The superintendent and a state trooper addressed the kids - who by the way all thought they should be sent home for the day and it was about 9 am.
Told them all calmly that they would remain there and in their seats until the building was cleared and if anyone knew anything to tell a state trooper or teacher. well wasn't long before the kids needed to go to the bathroom, eat lunch etc...... too bad since the building wasn't "safe". Oh yea and it was a warm fall day and the gym wasn't air conditioned.
It wasn't long before some of the kids started squealing like pigs. The culprit was caught. That was the last one and it happened a couple of years ago.
IMO - the worst thing administrators can do is actually send the kids home.
The worst thing the local press can do is make the "event" newsworthy. Our local paper rarely covers a bomb threat - if it does then it is inside and just a little blurb. The worst thing the parents can do is allow their kids to stay home.

Make the whole event as "uncomfortable" for the student body as possible and the idiotic behavior will stop.
I'm surprised the principal wasn't fired for daring to apply such pressure to the kids. Had he been in Guantanamo and done that, he'd be indicted for human rights violations. :rolleyes:

Good for them. About time someone put these little runts in there place and let the rest see it happen. :mad:
Generally our local media doesn't cover bomb threats either but once there had been 3 in less than a week the story hit the paper. I have never heard of any of our local schools sending kids home because of a bomb threat. They let them stand outside well away from the buildings, usually in the rain, until it is safe to go inside again. I doubt the principal will close school down because of this.

Crimestoppers has put up a reward for any information that leads to an arrest, so I am really hoping the idiot has bragged to others because someone is going to turn him/her in for the money.

Since most of the threats have come via email I am surprised they haven't tracked them down yet. Must be someone with some computer skills that can cover their tracks at least temporarily. At first I thought it was the typical kid prank, someone just trying to close down the school for the day. Now with it going on so long I'm thinking this person has got a few screws loose! Scary thought. :eek:
bomb threats

Our county's schools had a rash of bomb threats - written on bathroom walls last Fall. All schools remained in "soft" lockdown for months. No bathroom breaks and all students outside classroooms had to be escorted, except during class changes. They had a handwriting expert work on the cases but no one was ever charged. The atmosphere at my son's school was tense for a long time because the administration totally lost any trust for the students and treated them all poorly. The seniors had several of their perks taken away as a result and homecoming week was ruined because one threat happened that week. The threats finally ended when the newspapers quit publicizing them and because the students were punished for so long and also because very few parents took their kids out of school. There was no "reward" for the threats other than a one or two hour break. No tests were cancelled or rescheduled. Our sheriff's deputies got really fast at searching the school! I think they handled things appropriately but our school lost a lot of what makes school bearable and never regained it.

I hope these few who ruin it for everybody get caught and put away for a long, long time. This is one point that high school students and adults agree on!
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They probably have a good idea of who it is, if not already know who it is. Probably just waiting to catch him/her in the act. Its very easy for law enforcement to trace where what comes from over the interweb even from free web based email accounts like google and yahoo.

Today was my last day and it went off without a hitch.
Waterballoon/super soaker fights >>>>>> bomb threats, anyday :)
Never ceases to amaze me. When I think back to my childhood days of prank calls.... "Hey, do you have Prince Albert in a can" kinda stuff :rolleyes: compared with today's violent threats...... Well, I can't say out loud what I really want.... Somebody will call the law on me for sure. When older son was a senior in 2000, they had 20 threats. They got so bad towards the end of school, he asked me for sunscreen because they'd go out onto the football field for hours & he got burnt twice. Teachers used to pack around umbrellas to keep the sun off them. Just makes me shake my head. They seem to have gotten worse & are now in every school system across the country.

HEY CHIP! Your last day? Not even a big WHOOOOOOOT? Where is it! I wanna hear it! WHOOOOOOT!!!!!!! Good job buddy. How's it feel throw high school behind you?
yea baby! Thats what I'm talkin' 'bout. Go do big things in this world! Live it, love it, have it, hold it, taste it, control it, loose control of it, step on it, kick it, feel it, scream it, dance it, jump it, & on & on!!!!!! Congrats darlin'! :thumb:
wow, I never had a single bomb threat (at least had to evac for it or anything) at my high school. Lucky I suppose. We just had a girl my freshman year set the bathroom on fire lol.
Hornet - you are lucky you never had any. Seems like they have at least one a year here, usually it ends at that.

jamzmom - wow, 20 bomb threats in one year! I sure hope my son doesn't have to go through that many.

I don't remember ever having to evacuate for a bomb threat during my school days. We did have someone pull the fire alarm at least once per year though.
We did have someone pull the fire alarm at least once per year though.

Yep, that was me. :biggrin: They caught the guys who were doing the bomb threats at son's school in 2000. Hope they had fun serving their time in Juvi Hall. Younger son graduated in 2005 & there were 3 that year. I seem to recall they even had one at KP last year. Can't imagine this many bored nut heads running around in the world.
No bomb threats yesterday so I thought it was over with but they had one this morning again! Same as last week, no threats on Monday but then they become a daily thing starting on Tuesday. :unhappy:
After another bomb threat yesterday they finally made an arrest last night! The police arrested a 10th grade boy who attends the school. They confiscated computer equipment but found no evidence of explosives or bomb making materials. Hopefully they have the right person and we can be done with this.
nha, considering our justice system he'll get a slap on the wrist with some community service and a conditional discharge or something..

"were not allowed to hang kids anymore? crap"
JAM - Nope school isn't out yet. Seniors graduate tonight and the rest of the kids get out June 21st. We don't start school until the Wed. after Labor Day so we get to go to school longer than you guys in PA.

Chip - there will be some serious public outcry if he only gets a slap on the wrist. In addition to time in juvi, I will not be surprised if he has to pay restitution for all the extra security that the school had for the last 2 weeks.

In today's paper they named the student even though he is a juvenile (15 years old). They said because of the seriousness of the charges they felt they should publish his name. He is going to get a long sentence if found guilty because they have charged him with 7 felony counts for threats to bomb a school, 2 counts of identity theft and 1 count of felony harassment. He is being held and evaluated to see if he is "safe to be at large" while waiting for trial. The article says he stole online identities from two people and used them to send some of the bomb threats, which is where the identity theft comes in. This is also why it took them awhile to track down who was doing this. The felony harassment charge is for a threat to kill an individual (they don't say who he threatened directly). The FBI assisted the local police in the investigation.

Everyone is relieved that this has been solved.

But its all for not as in 3 years when he is 18 all public records of his involvement will be sealed/destroyed.

oh well.....
Glad they caught the little terror.

I'm wondering Chip if the crime isn't federal which in that case, he'll be wearing it for a long time to come.