Bomb threats at school

Federal law allows all juveniles to have or in the least seek to have their records sealed or expunged when they turn 18. In this kids case living in Washington state the process is not automatic and he will have to hope the courts allow his records to be sealed. Having a sealed record is not absolute though, their just not available to the public. If he ever wanted to enlist or commission into the military any recruiter can find out about his past quite easily.
I was hoping they would try him as an adult, but I don't know if that is possible in this case. In my opinion if you are convicted of a felony at any age it should never leave your record.

I'm looking forward to hearing his explanation of why he did this. :screwy: Even if it is total bull, I would like to hear it.
Chip, you're completely awesome. And BTW, I think you might have a little talent in law. Any chance of considering that field some day?
haha funny, after having a half hour talk with one of the army rotc officers at norwich he told me the same thing, "Why son I think you could be a good fit for Army-JAG" but I dont think so. The law is pretty easy to learn and understand. In reality all you pretty much need to know can be found on wikipedia and a few episodes of CSI. I probably dont have that personal marketability most attorneys have.