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Nov 28, 2007
Okay, USNA69 where are you, everyone misses you, please come home(LOL)
Just so that the official situation can be known without more rumors and confusion than we already have...

The Site Staff has been communicating amongst itself and with USNA69 to determine the best course of action for all involved. The past few days have been interesting, to say the least, and the situation has been compounded by entirely too much bluster, ego, confusion, misunderstandings, mistakes, and all-around foolishness to explain here. Let's just say that there's enough blame to go around to EVERYONE involved (including yours truly).

In the meantime, we will ask everyone to be patient. The final result will not have been arrived at lightly or without a lot of debate and introspection, and we all hope that the end result will be one that best suits all those involved and, most importantly, the applicants and their parents, who remain our primary focus.

Thanks for your understanding.
As you can see I am not one to go around spreading rumors, felt it was best to go to the source. Happy Holidays
That was a general statement. Not directed at you specifically.

Likewise on the good wishes. :smile:
I knew that. I was just saying for everyone it is better to go to the source, than maybe talking out of turn. Age has taught me that. I hope that you will take this as someone from the peanut gallery. I never saw USNA say anything that was beligerant. That being said, I also didn't see every thread he ever wrote. I would hate to see this forum close down, it is a lifeline to many parent and kids, especially in these times, where people don't get why anyone would ever want to serve the military
The current ban on USNA69 has absolutely nothing to do with anything he has ever said here. As we all know, his knowledge of the SA application process is almost without peer here, and his insights based upon his Naval career can be applied in many different areas.

What has happened here is that a grain of sand became a full landslide before anyone knew what was happeneing. It has been a lesson for all of us behind the scenes, and what remains now is the soothing of some bruised egos (some of the bruising justified and some of it perheps not so much) and some establishment of rules that were never written down but obviously should have been.

No one on the Staff holds any grudge or rancor toward USNA69, and to a person we would all like to see him return soon, both as a source of great information as well as someone who we have been through a lot with together. To permit that to happen, however, all sides are going to have to step back from this precipice we find ourselves at the edge of, and recognize their individual roles in having brought us there. Again, every single person involved has had a role, including me.

On a personal note, he is a fellow Ringknocker and someone who, through some very spirited and sometimes nasty discussions (entirely on my part) has helped me to see different sides to different issues, as well as a few lessons in patience. I'd like to see him return on that basis alone.
If there are new rules that are written, where will they be place...I am really new here and that would help me
These would be rules dealing with how threads are moderated, a CoC for the Mods, as it were. While not definitive, these would most likely NOT be posted for the public.

The rules for general members have been around since the site was founded, and are posted at the top of each forum.
Thanks, I guess I didn't state it clearly. I already knew about the rules, just was wondering if a new thread would be added, or just into the rules already posted. Since your post makes it sound like this is a moderator issue I will not bother you anymore.

Just out of curiosity then how we know if you don't post them that we are putting our toes close to the line? I have always tried to be respectful, but as you have stated sometimes it is hard to bite your tongue.

Thanks foe doing this btw
Just out of curiosity then how we know if you don't post them that we are putting our toes close to the line?

We'll let you know. :wink:

We're not wanting to be ban-happy here (unlike some other places I can mention), but we do want to be consistent in how we moderate the boards. Part of the reason we are having the issues we are having is because we never established rules for that.
BUT if you would like the name of someone you could ban...I have one in mind. hahahahaha:yllol:
Consistent moderation is what makes this forum successful, now and in the future.

People come, people go. There are still many good sources of information about all of the academies here.
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USNA69 has been un-banned. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it is best if we leave this behind us. I believe the issue has been solved and it is time to move on.

I have asked USNA69 to post in this thread if he feels it is necessary. Whether or not he does so, I would prefer to keep any speculation or discussion of this to a minimum. What happened is past and it is time to move on.

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The results of recent incidents on this forum has caused me to reach an untenable position with forum management. I regret that I will no longer be able to support the forum and provide assistance to the many worthy parents and candidates who come here seeking help. Rest assured that there are other members who can provide equal or better advice than that which has been provided by me. Good luck to all.
USNA69, I will miss your expertise, your wit, and your perspective on serving in the Armed Services. It will not be the same here without you. Thank you for all you have done here for the SA candidates and parents. I hope you will reconsider leaving us. I will miss you!

I am wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Rest assured that there are other members who can provide equal or better advice than that which has been provided by me. Good luck to all.

With one exception (and it certainly ain't me), I respectfully disagree. Still...

I hope you will return, brother. On your own terms and in your own good time, but I hope you will return, and soon. The door here will always be open. I guarantee it.

Until then old friend, I wish you fair winds, following seas, and we'll keep the light on for you. :smile:

This having been said, I am going to comply with TN's request and close this thread down.
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