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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by CM11, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Sep 15, 2013
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    The past wk I've been getting calls and emails from HR people at some of the schools that I listed for my AROTC scholarship application. They only ask if I have any questions. Id guess this is a neutral to possibly good sign. Does not getting calls from some schools indicate a bad sign?
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    Some schools/battalions reach out and some don't, I wouldn't worry if you don't hear from certain schools.
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    Just like Jcleppe said...heck, my daughter got calls and letters from schools that she didn't even list. Another tidbit of information that surprised me is the schools apparently get to see where they are on your list. Whe me daughter received a call from the PMS at Michigan, he wanted to know what they needed to do to move ahead of Ohio State on her list of schools :biggrin:

    I had to explain the rivalry/hatred betewen the two schools to her and she later moved Michigan up to #2. :thumb:
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    I can see a mailing address and phone number of every applicant. I can see all the pertinent information of any applicant that listed one of my schools. What I do each year is email the applicants that list my schools and offer my help. Some schools are more aggressive than others. Some schools have extra staff (Gold Bar Recruiters) who can be assigned to just start calling the list. Don't read too much into the fact you received a call, but it's a good sign that at least they know you are out there.

    And if you have ever tried to catch an active high school student on the phone you'll know that calling applicants is time consuming.

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