Can my Freshmen and Sophomore grades be overlooked?


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Feb 7, 2017
Can I still get in with a low gpa if my junior year gpa is a 4.0?
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Yeah thats my GPA and I got it, its not about one thing it is the whole package ACT/SAT, sports, extracurriculars, leadership ability...... and so on and so on.
The admission board realizes that the first two years of high school, many students are still young and they don't see the importance of working very hard yet, but with time they realize it's time to focus. Which is why admission usually looks at your junior year grades, and if you had a few Cs you freshman and sophomore year, they could let that pass. But you have to make sure that you are on top of your game and continue to challenge yourself in athletics, ECs, leadership, and do not forget to take challenging classes, have a strong GPA and test scores. You can do it!!
Thank you for that info. I am pretty involved in my football team's success and we have won districts every year I've played so far. I also run track. I'm involved in student council. Is it too late to become more involved with other leadership positions? I am a junior and should be applying soon. Is there anything I can do this year to increase my chances?
Man it is never to late, find another club or start volunteering. Did you apply for SLE?
I have recently found out about that and plan to do it shortly. I know I can score a 1300 SAT. Is this good enough for the naval or army academy?
Explain why you did averagely/good as a fresh and soph and what steps you took and why to explain your sudden reawakening during junior year. Happened at my house...I am thrilled and delighted for my child but realize it might be too little too late for him to get into a service academy. So, these things cannot be 'overlooked' but if you had a sudden epiphany, you can use the essay as a place to talk about what happened to you. Also, do not forget to apply to ROTC. There may be more forgiveness there. There are many pathways to West Point and many pathways to earning a commission. Good luck and keep working hard!
Agree with @Dr.Mom. Worrying about "good enough" is not productive. Spend your time maxing your grades, and tests. Also be FULLY prepared for other means of commissioning including NROTC and AROTC. Have plans B through Z locked and loaded. Research all the websites for USNA, USMA, XROTC thoroughly and post any remaining questions here. This seems to be the pattern followed by most successful candidates here on the forum.
I've been looking for a life purpose and this really spoke out to me. It made me realize what potential I have and that I should follow such potential. I have a whole story on it as a lot has happened in these two years. Many self awakenings but the biggest was that I need to strive everyday to better develop who I am morally and intellectually.