1. A

    Grades Senior Year

    Hello, recently I have been accepted to West Point. (Letter of Assurance and a 3Q). What grades will make them revoke your offer? I understand just maintaining your current grades will guarantee your offer, but I am curious to know what exactly is unacceptable the rest of your senior year, after...

    Grade Point Average

    I was looking at another thread and was seeing stuff about GPAs so I thought what is a good one and how good is 4.33. Thanks!
  3. G

    Appointment Revocation due to College Grades

    Hey everyone, I recently accepted my Fully Qualified Offer of Appointment. I'm a college applicant (not re-applicant) in my Spring Semester at a community college. For the past week, I have been absolutely stressed and overwhelmed with anxiety at the thought of my appointment being revoked...
  4. H

    Appointment Revoked for bad second quarter college grades?

    I received my appointment at West Point midway through my second college quarter and started slacking a bit. Currently in my chem class, I have a B- and a C in my german class. Will I get my appointment revoked?
  5. S

    College before applying

    I am currently an applicant for the class of 2025. I knew my ACT score was low the super score I think is a 26 or 27. I have 30’s in science and reading. But I think 23’s in math and language. Because of this I decided to go to college before I applied this year.I took college algebra and a 200...
  6. B

    2.0 at USNA vs 2.5 NROTC

    Why does Big Navy have different GPA requirements for NROTC mids and navy mids? NROTC mids take the same classes and often have worse professors. Is there logic behind this?
  7. D

    Academic Terrors?

    I have read horror stories on these forums from years past of seemingly ridiculously difficult classes/instructors. I haven't seen as many of these within recent years. What is the current climate like for academics? How is the administration right now when it comes to giving plebes/MIDN second...
  8. C

    Will my grades hurt my application?

    Just got my finals for the semester back and although they are not terrible, they are not particularly great. The question of whether or not my grades are going to hurt my application has always tormented me, so I figured I would ask a more educated audience. Here is a bite size bit of what my...
  9. H

    Grades Importance

    I have a high and competitive GPA, and I'm taking competitive classes, but my math grade happens to be my lowest. I want to major in aeronautical engineering, so I was wondering how bad it looks on my application that my math grade is my lowest grade (though it's an honor class). I have a lot of...
  10. O

    What should i do?

    I have been slacking in my studies as well as my attendance for the majority of this year. Between my job, training, and school; i haven't been performing well in my academics. Not using any of those things as an excuse, but I'm at the point where my GPA is not really able to be changed much...
  11. S

    2nd Semester Grades Question

    I am a candidate for USNA, currently I have recieved LOA and I am pending a medical waiver. My question is in regards to USNA's policy on second semester senior year grades. I am currently in 6 AP classes, and as AP exams are approaching, the coursework for each class is ramping up. I expect to...
  12. U

    Poor Grades in Honors Math

    Hey folks, I am worried about my Honors math grade. This semester I got a C- (junior)... I am great in other areas (except for understandable difficulty in AP chem). Can someone pls give me input on if my chances to academy are decreased significantly? And any suggestions to make up for this...
  13. P

    Standardized Test Score Question

    So I am currently a community college student studying engineering, and am doing well with my courses, extracurricular activities, and leadership experiences. However, my SAT and ACT scores are not good (24 composite ACT, 1180 SAT). Obviously, I need to retake these tests and score as high as I...
  14. C

    HELP!!! Is giving up the scholarship the only way to ensure infantry?

    My child has an Army ROTC four year scholarship at a difficult college. They (I don't want to reveal gender) are in their first year, and their grades were not good the first semester. Someone (an upper level cadet/maybe platoon leader?) told them that one of the most popular choices for...
  15. O

    What should i do? - grades

    Im currently in the second quarter of my junior year. Im typically pretty decent with my grades, however, this quarter i'm struggling with chemistry (failing) and trig/precalc (just passing). They are both college prep classes and im really concerned that this is what's going to eliminate my...
  16. O

    Senior Year Grades

    Currently I'm being recruited for sports at Kings Point and I just got an email saying I got my nominations to Kings Point and the Naval Academy, the only problem right now is my senior year grades. My grades prior to senior year were good and I had a 3.729 cumulative through the end of junior...
  17. 11BravoArmy

    Chances of getting into USMA (West Point)

    I am going into my junior year and my dream is to get into West Point. The only problem is I did not realize this until halfway through sophomore year. I have started working very hard and pursuing better grades and leadership status. My freshman year GPA was a 3.1 (4.0 scale). Sophomore year...
  18. V

    Bad Grades on ROTC Scholarship Application?

    Hello! Thank you for all the replies in advance. I am applying for the Army ROTC scholarship as a senior next year. Unfortunately, a lot occurred this year and my grades dropped, but my previous years show outstanding academics. My GPA is probably going to be a 3.2 or higher, but how should I...
  19. A

    Bad Teacher

    Hello, I am currently a sophomore in high school and am interested in applying to USAFA next year. I am planning on taking honors physics, which is the most advanced physics class I can take as a junior. There is only one teacher for this class, and have heard that he is a very bad teacher. I...
  20. M

    Writing admissions to explain grades?

    My DS is a re-applicant who struggled with chemistry in the first semester at college and ended up with a C. I saw somewhere on this forum a suggestion that he write a letter to his admissions officer explaining his experience last semester and what he learned from it. Now I can't find the...