Can Someone explain a Vice Presidential Nomination?


Dec 2, 2016
I have already secured a nomination from my congressman and from my senator. I am still waiting to hear from my other one as to if I'll be getting a nomination from him. I figured I might as well apply for a Vice Presidential nomination. Is it too late for the class of 2021? Also, how does the process work? Thanks!
You still have until the 31st of January. -
"The Vice President is the only authorized nominating authority who can nominate U.S. citizens without geographical restrictions. He may have a maximum number of five nominees in attendance at each authorized academy at any one time. Normally, he has one or two vacancies each year. In order to be entered into competition for a Vice Presidential nomination, applicants must complete the online nomination application during the application period of March 1 to January 31 preceding the year of entrance to the academies. The Office of the Vice President will not accept paper applications."
No harm in trying. But there's a new administration coming in January 20th. Government paperwork takes a while