Can you get an ROTC contract before leaving to basic

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    Hi, so I can’t seem to find an answer to my question. My national guard recruiter keeps telling me I have to attend basic first and The ROTC ROO at my school is telling me I don’t need too. Starting this fall I’m doing compression (first and second year ROTC at the same time because I’m a junior but also and engineering major so I’m going to likely have a 5 year of school) I’m in the process of enlisting in the army national guard (I wanna do SMP) I would like to stay guard after commissioning and I know there are scholarships to guarantee this if accepted. However, I also want to do the SMP program if possible. The problem is that I would prefer not to attend basic training if I can avoid it as it would take up 3 months of my time and that would require me to take an entire semester off maybe longer if there is any complication during basic. As I’m already strapped for time I’d like to avoid this if I can especially since I wouldn’t really need BCT as an officer. Has anyone been through a similar situation if so your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Do NOT do anything without your ROOs say so. Your ROO understands the ROTC process and the implications and process for doing SMP. Your recruiter does not. Sit down with the ROO and discuss your goals and concerns and lay out a plan together.
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    +1 Kinnem
    Follow your ROO's direction over the SMP recruiter.
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    If anyone's goal is to commission as an officer in the military, taking advice from an enlisted recruiter will not serve you well. Their job is to enlist people, and that is the direction you will be led.
    As mentioned, most important thing is to speak with ROTC personnel and/or an officer recruiter for mapping out the best route for your situation!
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    You do not need Basic Training...but keep in mind that unless you are on scholarship you may not be contracted this year.
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