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Oct 4, 2008
Hi all,

I found this board through google, and I believe much great knowledge can be found here and can also help me with the admissions process. I am currently a college student at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, GA, but am also the receipient of a GED. I am a member of the cadet corps and excelling in my leadership ability. We operate on the quarter system, my current GPA is a 3.4 and a 24 on the ACT, but after this quarter, it will be a 3.7 as I am determined to make straight A's. I am also a member of the Junior College football team here and would very much like to play football at NAvy, if you do your research you will find that our school is among the best in the land #5 in this weeks national poll. We send over 75% of graduating sophmores to D-1 Programs, and often alot to SEC Schools. In the Winter quarter I plan to take Chemistry and Calculus and get promoted in the Cadet Corps to a position with more leadership responsibility. I am sending out all of my nomination paperwork this upcoming week, and taking my first CFA on Monday. I am applying for nominations from both my senators and my congressman. I have been active in sports all my life earning two varsity letters, I also was a member of the Young Marines Orginization for four years until the commute became too much for my parents. MY brother currently is a SGT in the USMC and is up for rotation soon. I have always aspired to go to the Naval Academy, but have never came down to a final decision. Here at Georgia Military College, I have a taste for the Military College experience, although I know that we are on no level with USNA. But, I really want the challenge, privilege, and honor bestowed upon a USNA Midshipman. I want to do aeronautical engineering, and go into Marine Corps Aviation. I did come to my final decision late in the game, but have been working hurriedly to get all my paperwork in, and nomination forms in before deadlines. The only tough problem is that I have received a GED and have a different procedure than regular high school graduates. It is truly in my heart to become a Marine Corps officer with the distinction of a USNA graduate.

Some Questions:
1) What courses to take to make my college credentials competitive?
I have take all English Comps and Histories that are taken during plebe year, but will be taking Calculus and Chemistry in Jan, and will be done with them in March.
2) ACT Score: Mine is Currently a 24, but I plan to retake it on Dec. 13th, I did not study for the first, but will now be better prepared with study guides and help, and believe that I can Make a minimum of a 28 and possibly into the 30's. I am not trying to boast myself, but the first test I did not prepare enough to reflect on my true academic ability.
3) Football Coaches: How do I get into contact with them? I am red-shirted this year, and could still have 4 years to play at the Academy. Does this make me more attractive?
4) Any input from the esteemed members of this board is appreciated, and questions you may have or comments to help me are definitely welcomed.
Welcome to the forums! While I am no expert, because I have not completed the admissions process either, I can say that you will definitely want to prepare yourself much more for the ACT.

Also, this isn't the largest of forums, so be patient, someone will reply with a better response within the next day.
I don't have a lot of information that can help you right now but I can point you in the direction of getting in touch with the coaches. My daughter went down this road for her sport, not for recruitment, but literally just for a contact within the academy and to tour the facility.

The USNA Athletics program has its own link on the website. If you go there you will find each of the sports listed along with a section where you can enter information if you are interested in playing for them. If I remember correctly you can also find out the names of the head coaches and a contact email.

I'm not sure about football but in my daughter's case, even though she was not recruitment material she was told there would be no problem with her participating in the sport that she wanted to (even though it was D1). Of course- she would be, the back up, for the back, for the back up :eek:

My other comment to you would be take the SAT as well as the ACT if you can. They are so very different from each other and even though you may think one is better for you than the other the results can be surprising.

I know you will get some answers. Just give it a some time and they will be here :)

Best of luck to you-
Honors and Extracurriculars

Hey sorry I forgot to add all of these. Also, I am applying to the AFA but USNA is my top choice.

I am taking Calculus and Chemistry Next quarted and am extremely focused to get A's in both quarters before March, so my over all GPA will be a 3.8.

• 2 Varsity Football Letters in High school
• Currently play Football for Georgia Military College #5 in the Nation among Juco’s
• Made a 2 week mission trip to Russia to help spread Christianity
• Was an Alter Server for the Roman Catholic Church St. Margarite D’Youville for 6 years
• Participated in the Young Marines Organization at NAS Atlanta, by Dobbins AFB, for 4 years and obtained leadership positions while there.
• Received high school awards for excellence in Engineering Courses
• Member of Young Marines Color guard, doing many openings in the Cobb County area, and parades in the historic downtown area of Kennesaw.
• Received honors in Science classes
• Currently excelling in the Cadet Corps at Georgia Military College working my way up for leadership positions.
• A devout Catholic Sunday school assistant teacher for Bible Study, and also worked many of the Sunday Schools Camps.
• Member of the Republican Party at my College
Just set up BGO interview

My interview with my BGO is Oct. 19th looking forward to it I heard this is a major part of your overall acceptance. I am practicing for my interview with a West Point Grad... Any pointers?
it is very relaxed, nothing to get nervous about. My Alo and bgo interviews were so relaxed. Show enthusiasm!! I am applying for class of 2013 as well, good luck!
Here are a few answers and tips:

  • Read my thread regarding college entrance exams. Get your ACT scores up and I will echo the advice to take the SAT.
  • Follow the advice on the USNA website on courses. Science and Math are your best bet. For a college applicant, performance in college is the strongest predictor of academic performance at the Naval Academy. You need to continue your prep through the first semester.
  • Keep your ECAs up through college.
  • Make sure you have applied for all nominations you are eligible for this candidate cycle. You are eligible for at least four: VP, 2 Senate, 1 House of Representative.
  • Navy always evaluates walk-ons and has annual try-outs to find talent in the entering plebe class if it is missed in the recruitment cycle. You don't have to be a blue chip athlete to play Navy sports because everybody is there on scholarship. If you are seeking to be recruited notify your BGO. They have specific instructions to notify the appropriate coach or the Senior Associate Academic Dean for Admissions, Academics and Compliance. You may also want to get your current coach involved.
  • As a guide, and I emphasize guide and not rule, here are some ideas of what sort of talent Navy is looking for in a football player (Of course, there are exceptions to this. A young man may not have the size, but has exceptional speed or he may not have the speed, but has exceptional size):
Position Minimum Ht/Minimum Wt/Speed in 40
Outside Receiver 5’9”/165/4.6
Quarterback 5’10”/170/4.6
Fullback 5’10”/200/4.6
Running Back 5’9”/170/4.5
Center 6’2”/230/5.0
Offensive Guard 6’2”/230/5.0
Offensive Tackle 6’2”/230/5.0
Defensive End 6’3”/230/4.9
Defensive Linebacker 6’0”/220/4.7
Corner Back 5’9”/170/4.5
Safety 5’9”/180/4.6
Tight End 6’2”/210/4.8​
  • Relax during the BGO Interview. Chances are the guy or gal asking the questions was once in your shoes. Don't wear a suit. They are going to show you a video, ask you some basic questions, and field any you might have.
I forgot to mention. The Admissions Board takes a good look first-year college students like you. A year of high performance in a strong college environment on your own is a good indication you can make it through four years at USNA (though this is only one part of your record they evaluate).

Best of luck! :wink:
just took first stab at CFA

I just took my first CFA today, Please remember I am a football player we train in sprinting and Fast short bursts. I am 6'2" 210 lbs.

Bball Throw: 69ft.
Pull-ups: 12
Shuttle Run: 6.46s
Crunches : 61
Push-ups 55
1-Mile Run: 7min flat

I believe your CFA scores are fine. My admissions officer in Annapolis said that the CFA has a neutral effect on your application and is more or less a pass/fail part of your application. If you have a passing score you are fine and if you have a failing score you must retake the CFA. He told me the CFA score does not necessarily help or hurt your score as long as you pass.

I took the CFA at session one of NASS in June and passed. Here are my scores:

Bball Throw: 73
Pull-Ups: 6
Shuttle Run: 6.5
Crunches: 80
Push-Ups: 60
1-Mile: 6:15

I am also a football and lacrosse player.

While these CFA scores are not the best they are not bad. I completed my application August 23, 2008 and received a LOA to USNA dated September 2, 2008.

These CFA scores were transferable to and were passing for USAFA and USMA.

I hope this helps,
Dang man!!! you tore it up in the shuttle run!! Are you a running back in football and an attack in lacrosse?
I am an mid-fielder in lacrosse and believe it or not I start at offensive line on a 5A football team in Colorado (160 pound right guard) haha.
i play linebacker too slow for a running back here with all the sec and d-1 talent in our junior college program... look for us hopefully going to the national championship, we are number four right now.. soon to be 3... the game should be televised in most regions

o i didnt scroll down to see you were asking him lol but anyways

lol and 160 pound guard.. i wish i went against people that size instead of 320 pound ones... our o-line averages i hate it we learn to avoid and use speed as advantage

and i look forward to hopefully seeing you as my plebe brother bobcatmatt
haha i caught your post and couldn't help but notice the difference b/t our sports

i swim and do breastroke in particular weighing in at 140, (5'8). i bet i could outrun those linebackers from time to time but if I took one hit ever my life would be over. period.
likewise if a 320lb linebacker stepped up to the blocks that would be an interesting race don't you think?
If you are a recruited athlete for football, you will not have any contact with your BGO. The athletic department serves that role. If USNA decides they are no longer interested in you as a recruited athlete, you will be "released" to your BGO. This is to ensure no NCAA violations occur.

Also, USNA typically wants to see first semester grades for college (post h.s.) students before they will make an offer of appointment. In particular, they will be looking at your Calc and Chemistry grades. As or Bs are good; Cs not so much so.

Finally, if you break your email into smaller paragraphs, it will be a lot easier to read and you may get more responses. :thumb: As originally drafted, it was a bit hard to follow.
Clarification on CFA

I believe your CFA scores are fine. My admissions officer in Annapolis said that the CFA has a neutral effect on your application and is more or less a pass/fail part of your application....He told me the CFA score does not necessarily help or hurt your score as long as you pass.

The CFA changed starting with the entering Class of 2010 from a pass/fail assessment to a point assessment. Candidate raw scores are converted to scale scores (0-100 points) based upon their performance on each event. Check the USNA CFA page for details.

Candidate scores on the CFA are an integral part of the whole person assessment the Admission Board uses to determine the triple qualification of a candidate: scholastically, medically, and physically.
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