Candidate Number for Class of 2028

Yes, it is so hard to wait and at times can seem very confusing. There are many moving parts and multiple military and government departments involved and timelines and processes will often change. But it is important that the candidate initiates all contact with admissions, MOCs, BGOs, DODMERB, contracted doctors, etc. Parents will need to assist with information on the online DODMETS medical history and maybe past medical records of your candidate is under 18, but everything else should be them.
100% the applicant should be driving the train.
My son will be a c/o 2028 re-applicant and his c/o 2027 portal was ready mid-May last year. I remember being there for a CVW in April and everyone was asking about this. They said they had a tentative date of something like May 9 (I think -- it was a year ago now) but that it almost never opens on the tentative day because there's usually something that needs tweaked. Despite the urge to get going, there is very little value in racing to be the first one through the door. It will only extend the already agonizing process of waiting until next April. Trust me. I was you a year ago and I was positive that my exceptional child would get his offer as soon as they put eyes on his glowing application. Alas, he was one of the few to be WL in April and turned down last week. The wheel keeps spinning. If you start today or start in 2 weeks or start in July you still won't know anything for months and months and months.
As a re-applicant, a lot of your stuff will be populated already if I recall my kid's journey once you restart the application process. DoDMERB will also be a heck of a lot easier as long as nothing new is to be reported.

Don't worry, they'll assign numbers soon enough! That's just one of the early steps in the process. It's a long journey!!