Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW)


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Jun 12, 2008
What is a CVW?
Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW) is a program designed to expose qualified candidates to life at USNA. They are scheduled throughout the academic year, generally in October and November, and again in February and March. Visits usually run from 0830 on Fridays until 1100 on Saturdays.

How can I participate?
Candidates who are scholastically, physically and medically qualified (triple Q’d) or who are likely to become triple Q’d, are on the priority list for an invitation for the candidate weekend visits. They are invited by the Regional Directors.

Does it cost me anything?
Candidates must cover their own way to/from Annapolis. Meals, room and board are covered by USNA. Bring some extra cash to hit the Midstore to buy that coveted Navy sweatshirt.

What do I have to do?
Absorb. While on the Yard candidates follow the schedule of their plebe escort. They chop, attend classes, eat in King Hall, and stay overnight Friday night in Bancroft Hall.

What do I wear?
Don't over-think this and keep it light. For male candidates: Sneakers, khakis, a collared shirt. Female candidates not much different. It is not a fashion show but don't arrive in ripped jeans and a stained, Obama t-shirt either.

Should I bring a gift?
The plebes aren't expecting one...and officially as a BGO I will say gifts are discouraged...but officially as a Dad and former plebe...if you just happen to bring some geydunk (a.k.a. junk food)...of course for yourself...well that would not be a bad thing now would it??? :rolleyes:

Anything else?
Please remember this program is by invitation only from the Regional Director through the Candidate Guidance Office.
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Also, those of you who attended NASS and who are also offered a CVW should make every effort to attend if you are financially able to do so. The CVW experience is quite different from NASS and gives you one more piece of information in making your decision.

However, as with NASS, if you are unable to attend CVW, it won't count against you. Still, if you can go, DO GO. It only helps you.
Also, I'm signed up for a CVW on the weekend of January 22-24, so they're running them in January this year!
The USNA Admissions calendar lists the following dates for CVWs (starting with November):

Nov13-15, 2008
Jan 22-24, 2009
Feb 19-21
Mar 26-26
Apr 16-18
Apr 23-25
Will we make it to USNA in time?

My son (and I) are traveling up for CVW in November. We arrive at BWI at 3:10 pm, earliest possible from west Texas. When he attended Summer Seminar, we sent him up the day before just in case airlines weren't on time, etc. With school now, we decided to try to make it the same day. CVW registration begins at 4:30 pm, must be there by 5 pm.

So, to question to the experienced: will we get the rent car and down to Annapolis in time? He and I were up last fall to look things over, but it was our first time, late at night, dark, etc. I think we can make this? And if we don't due to airline problems, I am guessing we can call ahead? :eek:
Any thoughts on bringing a care package for the plebe that I will be "dragging" with during my CVW?
I honestly wouldn't, it's not going to make you look any more attractive as a candidate. I would just go there to have fun and see what it's like. It's not supposed to be something stressful or testing of you candidacy. Also, I would show up as a high school kid, not as a ridgid this is where I have to be I am not here to have fun pre-midshipman. Nobody is judging you here. A "joe" is apparently someone who shows up just a little too rigid and determined to the point that they look fake and are not fun to be around. If you're not there to have fun there, the plebes probably won't want you there next year cause they're not looking for a joe, they're looking for a fun motivated candidate, its a really good time my visit was a lot of fun.
CVW Typical Schedule

Candidates interested in participating in a CVW, contact your BGO or RD. The events are invitation only issued by the Candidate Guidance Office.

Here is a typical schedule for a CVW. Typical, not exact.

Day 1 - Thursday
1700 Register/Check-In with Admissions staff
1730 USNA Spirit Spot
1730 Welcome Remarks
1750 "Leaders of Character" video
1805 Admissions/Candidate Briefing
1835 Regional Director Questions and Answers
1900 Remarks by Brigade Commander/Brigade Staff
1915 Meet midshipmen hosts and follow midshipman schedule

Day 2 - Friday
0700 Candidates breakfast with midshipman hosts at Company Tables
0755 Candidates attend morning classes with midshipman hosts
0900 Midshipmen Panel for Parents
1100 Walking Yard Tour for parents by Visitors Center Tour Guides
1200 Candidates observe Noon Meal Formation from T-Court. Meet midshipmen hosts in Rotunda and noon meal at Company Tables
1330 Academic Briefing and Tours by Div 1 & 2 faculty
1600 Dress Parade
1800 Follow midshipman schedule

Day 3 - Saturday
0700 Breakfast with midshipmen hosts in King Hall and follow midshipman training schedule
1100 CVW concludes
What if you're looking for a waiver for a DoDMERB DQ'ed on color vision? My son attended NASS and interviewed with the BGO but...knows the chances are slim to none...any hope?
CSW schedule

Thanks for posting a possible schedule. My wife, son and I will be there for the Nov. 13-15 weekend and the letter was sort of vague on details. Any can't miss restaurant suggestions for the wife and I would be appreciated.
Armadillos. Right in town by the academy--right by city dock. Get the crab dip!
Experience one of the last hold-outs of a midshipman's Annapolis. Grab a Golden Meir at Chick N Ruth's Delly on Main Street. Catch a glimpse of life on Main Street before the invasion of Banana Republic, The Gap and Ben & Jerry's. Stop by for breakfast and participate in the pledge of allegiance like every good midshipman has done at least once in their four years by the bay.

For dessert, Storm Brother's Ice Cream is the place in Annapolis for ice cream. The pistachio ice cream will explain why the line snakes out the door on the weekend while nothing but dust bunnies and tumbleweeds visit Ben & Jerry's up the road.

For a more refined dining experience, current and former midshipmen will argue extensively where to take drags and parents for dinner to impress. On the square, I was and still am a Middleton's Tavern patron, where a bucket of cherrystones and a Guinness always starts off a grand evening of food and spirits. Let the disagreements commence!

I would avoid the Italian restaurant that replaced Maria's pizzeria across the alley from McGarvey's. Too much $$ and poor service when I tried it two summers ago. Buddy's Crabs was also a bit of a disappointment. Why would they put a salad bar with mac 'n cheese in a crab house? I felt like I was at Golden Corral, not Buddy's.

Thanks for the dining suggestions! We are looking forward to our weekend in Annapolis and our son is pumped! He also received a four year full scholarship from NROTC also this week. The officer in charge said we as parents should take him to the Dairy Queen for saving us a lot of cash! He says he still wants USNA over Ivy League so more power to him I guess.

Also went to Navy/Temple game with son and his little to go down on sidelines before game and meet coaches and watch warmups. Tailgating atmosphere was great and met some really nice people. Watching the Midshipmen march in before the game was neat. I told my wife we'll have to split time between PSU games and Navy games next year. Would like to see PSU play Navy again. Last time I saw PSU play Navy was in 1974 in Happy Valley. I wrecked my dad's car that day in State College and still went to the game to see PSU lose to Navy 7-6 in the rain. My dad wasn't too happy with me that day as I recall.

Beat Notre Dame!
Inzane in PA.
You former mids are slacking and did not catch my error!

Golda Meir not Golden Meir...:redface:
Subconsciously you were thinking of the bagel....flown in fresh daily from Televiv ! We will try to make it there...maybe a Ben Cardin. I guess there will be an Obamaburger there shortly.
Is it better to bring a sleeping bag or sheets and linens. We have heard both suggestions....
Definitely sleeping bags- when I went (Oct. 23-25) it was easier to use with the cots we slept on.
What else are we supposed to bring?

I signed up for the January 22nd CVW, so is there going to be a letter in the mail explaining more when the date comes closer? Thanks!
Yes, it basically says to bring tasteful clothes (khakis, collared tops, etc.), swim suit (I didn't use it- I am not sure anyone did), sports gear, toiletries, etc. also bring jeans and comfortable clothes because most candidates go to Saturday Morning Training and also all of the mids tell you to just wear comfortable clothes. But, you will be receiving a letter after you confirm your spot with your Region Director.