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Sep 15, 2008
I just received an invitation from the admissions office to spend a weekend at Annapolis. My completed admissions packet including BGO, CFA and DODMERB was submitted about two weeks ago. The only thing still to be completed are my nomination apps and I am waiting on some teacher and mentor references before I can submit those. I was wondering what to read into this. They make it clear in the letter it is an experience designed for candidates to learn more about the daily life of a mid and is no guarantee that an offer of appointment is forthcoming, however is it something that everyone receives, or should I be encouraged by the invite? If anyone can comment I would appreciate the input.
First of all, congratulations! This is very positive. Let me offer a blunt assessment...if the Naval Academy is willing to spend the time and money on your weekend visit that is a good thing.

I don't have access to your record but I imply from you unername that you are an athlete. The Candidate Guidance Office (CGO) will invite strong student/athletes for a weekend and they will pair you up with a sponsor midshipman in the same sport. This is just one variation of a weekend visit. Also, the Commandant does not let CGO distract midshipmen much from their primary duties of academic and professional development so weekend spots are not open to everyone and very limited in number.

Keep charging and make sure you are staying on top of your application package. Check with your teacher on the recommendation. They received an email with a link and sometimes that email gets misrouted, missed, deleted, sent to a spam filter, etc. CGO can resend the email if this occurred.

Good luck and BEAT ARMY!
apps all done, it is the teacher refs for nomination I am waiting on. I am not a recruited athlete, but a strong conference recognized soccer player (starter since soph year) with a state contender team who could easily play division III--do not know if I am DI material though, my coach has pushed me to contact the USNA coach. I am thinking about it!
Thanks for your response.
Congratulations to kicker1 on your invitation. Thank you for asking the question and to parkhurst89 for his reply. My son received the same letter today and we didn't know exactly what to read into it.

Good Luck!
If I went to NASS is it really necessary to go or do they look favorably on candidates who take the weekend visit? If the spots are limited it makes sense that someone who didn't go to NASS and knows nothing about the academy should go instead. On the other hand learing all you can before going is always a good idea.
If I went to NASS is it really necessary to go or do they look favorably on candidates who take the weekend visit?

The CVW is more for them to impress you, rather than vice versa. :wink:

NASS is make believe, during a CVW you'll see the real USNA.
After receiving one of the "thin letters" last April, my son is reapplying this year. He has been in contact with CGO and got excellent feedback on what was "lacking" in his package last year. He was told that his file wouldn't be looked at until after first semester, so he was shocked to get the invite for a CVW yesterday. He will definately take advantage of this opportunity. Do many college applicants receive CVW invites?
First, should you do NASS and CVW? My answer is a definite yes, provided finances are not an issue (which they may be for some candidates). As stated above, they are very different experiences. During CVW, you will see actual plebes doing actual plebe things, attend real plebe classes, and see the entire brigade as it typically functions. The more info you have on USNA, the better informed your decision will be. So, yes, if you can at all afford to attend CVW, do it!:thumb:

Second, I don't know how many college candidates get CVWs. I would take it as a positive sign as CGO doesn't extend these invites to everyone. However, it is also NOT a clear indication that your son will receive an appointment. His first semester classes and grades will be VERY important, so he should make every effort to do well.

Finally, kudos to your son for trying again. It sounds as if he did the right thing in understanding the weakness(es) of his original application and then addressing them. USNA does look favorably on students who have spent time between h.s. and USNA -- currently over 1/3 of the class has such experience. Best of luck.
He fully realizes that a CVW does not equal an appointment. He is currently in NROTC and after the first month of school, he currently has an A in every subject. He is working very hard but has said that if an appointment does not come for him this year, he will be happy to stay where he is and get his commission through ROTC. We are very proud of the young man that he has become.
Can someone comment on what to bring and the general accepted dress for the visit?
Bring a sleeping bag...wear khakis and a polo...bring sports workout clothing, don't wear a letter jacket...
i brought a sleeping bag, wore a polo and slacks when i first got there and wore a polo with jeans when i dragged around with my'll see some kids wearing jeans and t-shirts but look respectful and you'll be fine..