CFA; abdominals


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Aug 1, 2006
For the CFA, other than doing ab workouts, is there anyway to get more repititions out of the Abdominal portion of the test? Do you have to come up to where your head is directly over your knees, or are your elbows suppose to be extended to a certain degree at the shoulder and therefore, only need to touch mid-thigh?
Thank you for the help.

I always found that the best way to improve sit-ups was practice, practice, practice. It's not so much about technique as it is building up the muscles. Some people find that they do best by setting a steady pace that will get them the score they want and sticking w/it for 2 minutes; others go as fast as they can until exhaustion, rest, do as many more as they can, etc. Whatever works best for you.

Also, always rest in the "up" position.