cfa bgo


Jan 13, 2017
Does your BGO officer see your actual scores or just if you passed/failed? And how soon after the test is submitted, is this info available to them?
Not the scores. Only if you passed or failed.

I would assume that, as soon as the pass/fail is uploaded, we can see it. How long that takes to upload after the score is submitted to USNA by the test administrator is something I don't know.

If you're in a hurry to know, your RD can also tell you whether you passed or failed. If someone fails, only the RD has the ability to tell you the area(s) in which you need to improve. I don't know if they do this but would suspect they would at least in a general way -- i.e., "You need to do better in your mile run time." Your BGO can't tell you this b/c we don't know the minimums. An experienced BGO can probably guess what needs improvement if you provide your individual scores, but it would only be an educated guess.
Once the scores are submitted by the CFA administrator, the information becomes immediately available per usna1985's post.
So, by looking at the USNA portal, can my DD tell if she's passed the CFA? She took it quite some time ago and hasn't heard positive or negative. Any thoughts?
No, your DD will not be able to see anything or receive any feedback on her portal, what she should have done is contact her admissions counsellor or BGO, they only can tell you the answer to this question. The CFA usually has minimums for each evolution/gender, as long as she is doing well above the minimums then she shouldn't worry too much. Still it is in the hands of the admissions board to determine if her scores are competitive or not.
Thanks! I know she's had quite a bit of contact with her BGO since the CFA, so I will encourage her to ask specifically.
At this point, you should assume she passed because, if she had failed, Admissions (or her BGO) would almost certainly have notified her before the Jan. 31 deadline. Nonetheless, it can't hurt to check.