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Air Force7

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Hey All,
I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but I think a CFA Forum (or whatever the correct word is) would be an invaluable resource for people to post tips, workouts to improve certain events, questions, etc. Maybe, this could be a Fitness forum, to allow people to also post about physical rigors and workouts at the actual Service Academies. Thanks for reading!


Good Morning,

Thank you for your suggestion; we will take it into consideration. With that said, note that we generally try to keep the forum as simple as possible with respect to the number of topic areas.

Thank you again!



@Air Force7, you can also use the search function, typing in “CFA” and various permutations, such as “preparing for CFA.” Yes, you’ll see a boatload of posts, not all of which will be directly germane to what you’re researching. But you’d likely have the same issue if there was a focused forum for CFA. Still worth the effort to search and seek and sift.